NRCC Pulls Plug on Congressional District 8?




It appears that the National Republican Congressional Committee has yanked all its advertising dollars from the CD 8 market in a signal of retreat (read article). This means that the Randy Graf campaign cannot count on the GOP to support his effort to hold on to this Southern Arizona congressional district.

Randy GrafBefore the Primary, the NRCC dumped tons of money into the effort to elect liberal Republican soon-to-be-loser Steve Huffman to no avail. Jim Kolbe, the openly-homosexual Arizona Republican also refused to support the GOP nominee.

Behind the scenes, it appears that the Jim Click machine has once again aborted efforts for conservatives to retain the district. Apparently, Click was upset with his boy, Steve Huffman, losing the Primary Election that he gathered up all his marbles and headed home. I wouldn’t be surprised to see photos of Click and Giffords embracing in the weeks ahead.

This isn’t the first time that Click has sabotaged conservative efforts. In the early 90’s, he was behind an effort to starve conservatives out of party leadership by not supporting the local party coffers. This blogger, yours truly, brought it up during a short-lived radio talk show. Needless to say, the advertiser was none too pleased about the revelation.

What this means is that the grassroots will have to work all the harder to close the gap and beat Gabrielle Giffords in the General Election. I Jim Clickrecommend that our Maricopa County faithful make the journey south and take off some shoe leather walking for Randy Graf.

A win for the Graf campaign would signal the ineffectiveness of the NRCC and Jim Click to control the party structure in Southern Arizona.

Get involved by contacting the Graf campaign at

A Gabrielle Giffords win will mean a gaping hole in the border, tax increases and a liberal social agenda of abortion on demand and homosexual marriage.

Thanks to the NRCC for nothing and for building a lasting majority.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    This is a little bit of a shock but not a total surprise. It just means that when Randy gets to Washington he will owe absolutely nothing to the powers that be.

  2. Randall Holdridge says

    The comment by DCCC spokesman Bill Burton, midway through the article, invites contemplation.

    Any evidence that this is Jim Click’s doing?

  3. Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said, “There was a reason that Jim Kolbe wouldn’t endorse Randy Graf, and that’s why national Republicans are walking away.”

    Reason = Jim Kolbe, Jim Click, Dorothy Finley, Tucson 30?

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    I don’t know how the CD 8 race will turn out but come November 8th LD 30 will still be controlled by moderately conservative party members and LD 26 will be in control of the hard core right that has nothing to do with Click and Kolbe.

    Their influence will decline from this point.

  5. More than anything else, Graf needs to bank as many votes as possible in the early ballot campaign. This will include hitting every evangelical church and making sure that the Catholic diocese gets the five non-negotiables. Randy needs to speak Catholicese on these issues. Catholics should be told over and over again that the most important issues are the non-negotiables:
    1) Abortion
    2) Euthanasia
    3) Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
    4) Human Cloning
    5) Homosexual Marriage

    No more of this “seamless garment” or “peace and justice” nonsense!

  6. Atleast the winner will be striaght (or keep it in the closet) – my G-d Kolbe was a REd- State embarrasement. I hope he moves to Massachesetts now…

  7. Now is the time to work with everyone for Randy’s election. It is not helpful in any way in this general to play the blame game.

    Time to drive our cars with our hands on the steering wheel and not on the rear view mirror.

    If we do that, more people will come on board and help Randy. He is the Republican nominee and we need all Republicans- mods and conservatives to join us. Together we can win !

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