NRCC declares war on Republican base in CD 8.

steve.jpg     The Arizona Republican Party claims Pederson is trying to buy a U.S. Senate Seat. They even have a web page with a running total of how much money he is spending. 

     There is another candidate also trying to buy a seat but in the U.S. House of Representatives. Figuring that the $500,000 that he has wasted so far is not enough the National Republican Congressional Committee has intervened in a Republican primary and is spending a significant amount to resuscitate the moribund Huffman campaign. I don’t know what their internal polls say but I guess they figured that a few more $100,000 might do the trick. 

     The problem is that if, and that is still an if, the NRCC can buy the primary for Steve he has a general election to win. Sure they will come into town with more money but they will face a tough Democratic opponent with a party more united that will be the case for Huffman. Quite simply the conservatives will not lift a finger for Huffman and Gabrielle Giffords will make short work of him. She is a better campaigner, speaker, and fund-raiser. The two will very so little on issues that the one who runs a better operation will win. That person will by Gabby.

     Aside from the conservatives Huffman should not plan on much overtime from the Hellon / Carroll wing of the party either.

     I am not a big supporter of NRCC but those that are might want to let them know that they are wasting their money.


  1. Please call the NRCC 1-202-479-7000 and tell them that if Huffman wins this primary, the GOP will lose the seat because so many people are upset with their interference in our campaign for an OPEN congressional seat.

    Furthermore, a lot of disgruntled people may stay home on Election Day, which would be a disaster for Kyl’s re-election.

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