Note to the NRCC.

cc: The Honorable Tom Cole, OK 4th

     It is really nice of you to be running those radio ads against Gabby Giffords so early (especially after the NRCC helped put her in office.) You might want to make sure that the senate immigration compromise bill does not pass because if it does become law your ads might just be a huge waste of money.

     Why? Simple. Your anointed Dennis the Menace opponent for Gabby has already alienated the supply-sider wing of the party. He has little to no credibility with the border security wing of the party and passage of the senate bill would be like painfully ripping the band-aid off the cut. The very slow healing wound would be exposed all over again.

     The Arizona 8th Congressional District is a swing seat. Gabby is an astute and sharp campaigner. To unseat an incumbent like her will require the local Republicans establishment to be firing on all cylinders. With the supply-siders already dissed we do not believe that the Republican candidate can afford to let another voting bloc slip away.

Here is your nightmare scenario: The senate immigration bill becomes law with Bush’s signature but Gabby votes against it – saying it did not do enough to protect workers, preserve families, or increase security along the border. Kiss CD-8 goodbye.

(Feel free to ignore us. It worked so well for you last time.)


  1. kralmajales says

    Huh? Are you talking about Tim Bee? Ya’ll don’t support him? I am beyond shocked. Seriously. He is the only chance you have, whatsoever, of taking back District 8. Frankly, I think even he can’t beat Giffords and I think that he’d be crazy to run given what I am reading here. The man is one of the few in your party that could have a shot at statewide office….but in the current climate facing my former party nationally, he’d be nuts to run…and if even he can’t get your undivided support…then he is even more crazy to run.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Of course we would support Bee if he were to be the nominee. We are just giving the NRCC a dose of reality for what lies ahead.

    As you wrote “but in the current climate …”

  3. Good to hear there are some supply-siders down there at all!

    Bee ain’t perfect. He ain’t even great. But he is sure a lot better than Giffords!

  4. Rodney Dangerfield Here says

    Now I know why some mothers eat their young…last time I saw a mouth like yours it had a hook in it.

  5. The Yellow Sheet ran a clip today about the State GOP being “estatic” if Bee was the nominee. I thought the party wasn’t supposed to involve itself until after the primaries????

  6. They won’t… You could ask them about any candidate and they’d say they were “estatic”.

    What they’re not supposed to say is “yuk”…

  7. It was a little bit more than just being “estatic” if you read the clip. I wonder if this will deter anyone from throwing their hat into the ring. How can they be guaranteed the same level of enthusiasm?

  8. I think smart folks recognize that having no primary would be best, since the last primary used up a lot of money and generated a lot of bad feelings. In a challenger race, it is better to rally around someone strong and take it to the incumbent.

    That might be part of the party’s logic, but its tough to say. My guess is if someone else got into the race the party would be equally complimentary of them, saying “regardless of who our nominee is, I’m sure they will be an excellent candidate and a terrific alternative to the tired liberal ways of Gabrielle Pelosi, um I mean Giffords.”

  9. Passionate Moderate says

    If Senator Bee wants some conservative support in his up comming run for Congress he should throw the “bi-partisan budget” he negotiated in the trash and pass a Republican budget. Many conservatives will be sitting out the election, due to Republican support in Congress for Amnasty.

  10. kralmajales says

    Senator Bee has the support of the NRCC because is the best candidate you have down here…by far. Everyone else will be made to get out of the way or will under their own volition. Its just politics. Like Tim says, no one wants a primary fight on your side if you are going to take on an incumbent who is well financed and who gets heat from her own party for being too conservative.

    Good luck. I still think Bee should be patient and think about statewide office instead…but eh…I’m not his momma.

  11. Bee has no base for a statewide run and simply wouldn’t have any real appeal in a primary. CD8 is his ticket and he seems to recognize that!

  12. Bee is less inspiring than plain, cold oatmeal. I have no major problems with his voting record, but I can’t see people getting passionate about getting him elected.

  13. CopperDome says

    If the only problem with Bee was his blandness, we might be ok. The REAL problem is his integrity, or more specifically his lack thereof.

    Passionate Moderate was right about the “bi-partisan” budget he negotiated with Governor Nappy. It’s AWFUL!! Nothing in it even resembles Republican priorities. Very few Republican Senators were involved in its creation. The fact is, he’d agree to almost anything at this point. But it gets even worse.

    There is a bill in the Senate (HB2515) which would finally deter cities from agreeing to huge sales tax giveaways to developers and retailers. Arizona taxpayers have been screwed to the tune of over half a BILLION $$ in the past few years. At first Bee promised not to kill the bill, but it hasn’t moved since late March, even though it has the votes to pass.

    The ONLY reason it hasn’t moved is Bee won’t let it. His prospective Congressional supporters (the high $ lobbyist kind) want the bill dead, so its dead. The sponsor agreed to all the changes Bee claimed he wanted, but still no progress.

    The TRUTH is that Bee is solidly in the pocket of corporate welfare lobbyists. If he can be bought this easily, how is he any better than Gabby? This is exactly the kind of behavior and misuse of power that caused us to LOSE CONGRESS in the first place!

    There is one solid potential candidate that has a MUCH better chance than Bee, and that is Rep. Jonathan Paton. Talk about contrast with Gabby! Paton stood up to terrorists. Gabby and a few lobbyists should be a cakewalk.

    Unfortunately, Paton has been told it is Bee’s “turn.” Republicans have lost WAY TOO MANY elections by nominating the candidate who has “waited their turn” instead of the best person for the job! Does anyone remember President Bob Dole??

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