Note to Legislature – Budget Fix Idea I

I was talking to a fellow blogger today discussing the latest state budget woes and our conversation sparked some thoughts.

Why don’t we eliminate the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) altogether? An argument could be made that the federal government is going to give Arizonans universal health care anyway. Why not get a head start and get the State of Arizona out of the health care business so we can balance the state budget?

Anyone who has a complaint, can jump on a bus and cross the border to California or New Mexico. Isn’t that what’s happening elsewhere?


  1. Brilliant! I did a paper in college about this funky program and it was nuts back 24 years ago. We are unique in AZ with this odd program too. Hey look at Value Options mental health care? Neither a value nor an option. If the US is gonna take it all over anyway…

  2. Well, except for that pesky federal law that states offer health care coverage to certain segments of the population and the decision by Arizona voters to mandate coverage for even more people, it’s a wonderful idea.

    Besides breaking federal law and losing untold millions of dollars (certainly in the 100s of millions, if not more than a billion) in federal matching funds and defying the will of the voters, it’s a ridiculous idea and not excessively caring for someone who professes to be a member of a religion that advocates loving thy neighbor.

    Really, this is the best we can do? Are we that out of ideas? This kind of pablum is what loses elections.

  3. If Republicans keep dinking around like they are we will wake up in November of next year with a Dem governor and at least one of the bodies democrat controlled.

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