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mike hellon.jpg      Thanks to the crew at Arizona 8th and some insiders from Pima County GOP headquarters we learned that Mike Hellon will be organizing the Southern Arizona area for the McCain campaign. Our politics at Sonoran Alliance are sometimes a little to the right of Mike’s but he is a solid character. McCain is very lucky to have Hellon’s connections from his time as a National Committeeman and a candidate for Congress.

     A quick call to Mike confirmed that this is the case. He stated that Arizona will be one of a handful of states the will receive a lot of attention from the campaign. While Maricopa County Republicans tend toward the conservative side, Pima County and Southern Arizona Republicans can be a unique bunch. Mike knows the local scene well and other campaigns will be hard pressed to find someone more connected than he is. They better get moving because Hellon is not one to sit around and dawdle.

     Mike recently went through a brutal primary for the local congressional seat. He was not successful but showed a lot of character by sticking to the issues in what became a gruesome smear fest by one of the other candidates.

Wednesday 12-6-06, 10:25 am


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    A good fit, but does anyone really expect Arizona to be a battleground state in a Presidential Primary? How many states will hold their primaries before Arizona? Will there be much of a race left? And even if there is, who expects to compete with McCain in his home state?

    If Flake didn’t dare challenge McCain in a primary (and he had a base of support, name id, and his home district to start with) then what chance does anyone from out of state have?

    Sounds like an easy win!

  2. Mike Hellon is a very honorable man. He will be a great asset to McCain’s campaign. Regardless of his politics (I’m a bit further right than he is… alright, a lot further right) he impressed me with his impeccable character in the CD8 race. Congratulations Mike.

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