Northwest Tucson update.

     The 4th is a wonderful time to have a picnic and watch some fireworks. Few places offer a better setting than Oro Valley. Hundreds of people gathered at Riverfront Park to enjoy the the sounds of the Tucson Symphony while gazing at the beautiful silhouette of the Catalinas and Pusch Ridge. Thanks to GOVAC

     Due to the time of the year several political campaigns were out in force. As you walked in Gabby Giffords supporters were handing out literature to everyone. Since the area is about 2-1 Republican this was a sign of how well organized and funded Gabby’s campaign is. Patty and the other candidates or their supporters were nowhere to be seen. Since Jeff Latas lives a few minutes from the park you would at least think some of his supporters would have been there. Nothing from Jeff. Not a good sign for him. 

     The stand out among the Republicans was the Randy Graf ramada. Some Graf supporters had got there early in the morning to reserve the spot. They served hot dogs and sodas. It was base camp for the other conservative candidates. Randy was walking around among the people meeting and talking with voters. Also out in force were supporters for Carol Somers. They were handing out necklaces for Carol. Al Melvin and David Jorgenson were handing out their literature and talking with the locals. 

     Lisa Lovallo was working solo handing out her literature. She did not spend too much time at the Graf ramada. Toni and Mike Hellon were there but they did not seem to be interested in campaigning. 

     The amazing part was that Steve Huffman did not have a presence. Oro Valley is in the middle of Steve’s legislative district. The price that Steve will need to spend to buy this seat goes up each day. If he cannot even get supporters to show up for a major event in his back yard how can he ever expect to win the general? Some are saying Steve is too moderate to win the general. More like Huffman is a horrible campaigner and Gabby or even Patty would easily out campaign him. 


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    There is no reason for anyone to LOVE Huffman. There may be some folks who like him or who would vote for him, but you have to really care about a candidate to get out in the sun and work for him. The danger for Graf is that Huffman is going to be able to buy a lot of attention. Will that overcome love and issues? Stay tuned!

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