Noble Thinking

Sonoran Alliance is excited to welcome to the Arizona blog scene, Noble Thinking.

If you know anyone or anything about politics in Arizona, you’ll know the name of this blog is derived from none other than Sean Noble, the former Chief of Staff to Congressman John Shadegg.

Sean knows more about Arizona politics and the machinations of campaigns better than anyone I know and is well respected amongst political colleagues.

We look forward to reading Sean’s blog and hope you will also make it part of your daily required reading list.


  1. Noble is firmly entrenched in the Nathan Sproul camp and has busied himself this year recruiting Lisa James and Jerry Brooks voters. Wonder if he will be bringing his amnesty agenda to his new blog?

  2. Amnesty agenda? You obviously do not know Sean Noble. Go read his blog and stop reading politikeraz

  3. This advice is really going to help, thanks.

  4. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …

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