No Stimulus Package! Sign The Petition!

Some of you know that I serve as the Treasurer of the Arizona Taxpayer Action Committee – the political action committee for the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity. This evening, I participated in a nationwide conference call sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. There were over 4,400 other conservative activists on this call and the focus was to shut down the Democratic-led sham also known as the “Stimulus Package.”

As early as this Wednesday, Congressional Democrats may try to shove this financial attrocity down our throats. And that means you still have time to act!

Please take a moment to visit and sign the petition that will be handed off to your Congressman and Senators McCain and Kyl.

Now I normally don’t advocate signing online petitions but this is extremely important. As we have been hearing over and over, elections have consequences. If you remain silent on this matter, it will send the message that its OK to throw our grandchildren’s money down a rat hole.

Let your voice be heard. Get involved today!


  1. DWAYNE REID says


  2. please,stop the stimilus package its no good this coming from a man losing my house.the package has nothing to help those alraedy in touble,i havent work in three months and cant find a job so the package do not help those alraedy in troulble

  3. Cheryl George says

    Go here to vote NO to stimulus bill.
    This site is still up and running.
    May God help us all.

  4. Help! I’ve been trying to go to the No Stimulus petition website and keep getting the page that states “Cannot find website”. Is it being hacked or is it being so overwhelmed with people trying to sign the petition…Any suggestions? We really want our names on that petition!!!

  5. Raul Davila says

    I urge all to not sign this Stimulis Package. You don’t spend money to get out of problems. And who will the American people blame when this whole thing falls, I hope not Bush. The Democrates have been in control for years and look where we are now. Look at there record they have done nothing since taking control. Please I urge you do not do this.

  6. This bill stinks to high heaven. We need less government, not more. Let’s stop this Abomination now. If we don’t stop it now, it may be too late. We ought to be suspicious in how they are trying to ramrod it through.

  7. Vinney Strong says

    Vote no on this pork bill. This is no change. Only change for the Democrats. More money for their special interests that we are going to have to pay for.

  8. Sign the NO STIMULUS petition here…

  9. Karen Ward says

    It is very disturbing to know that our representatives would even consider passing a bill that would mostly support the special interests groups in this country and not the people who elect them.

    Please, I beg you, reconsider this bill very carefully. Our future and our childrens & grandchildrens futures depend on your decisions.

    No stimulus package as it now stands, please.

  10. this is a spending bill allowing the dems
    feel like xmas morning, with taxe payers money
    no where in the bill are they helping
    americans being forclosed on keep there homes
    by allowing them to get a few months halt on
    the banks forclosures so they can try to get
    jobs, mean while these banks are recieving tax payers money to bail themselves out and recieve a pay check also a dog park, a billion dollers for the arts, 2.3 billion for green energy will not creat jobs now, people cannot get refinance on there homes without a job or buy a house or car this bill should include all families that payed taxes to get help with there morgages, there bills and help them get out of this mess where in, and the only housing in the bill that will obama wants to sign is with public housing to build public housing new windows, doors appliances and so on that dose not help home owners don,t vote on this bill. macdonalds n.j

  11. This link is working.. Sign the petition!!!!

  12. W L Buntin says

    I have tried repeatedly to sign the petition but can not connect.
    This Democratic PORK bill!!
    ll is not a solution to our problems but rather a continuation with a dramatic acceleration schedule that will jeoporadize the future of our children & grand children!!
    The Obama agenda is being rammed down America’s throat because he “WON”, sickens me!!

  13. A letter from Hans and Family here in Cape Coral, Fl. Please be aware that we are totally against President Obama’s and the democratic stimulus plan as it is written by Sen’s Pelosi and Reid.

    We feel they are sabotaging this county as our arch enemy Bin Laden had predicted soon after 9/11.

    President Obama promised he would not allow any pork to cross his desk, and what does this tell you, it tells us that that Pres. Obama’s promises and words are meaningless. Talk is Cheap and this country’s government is beginning to look totalitarian. Apparently the people of our country have
    absolutely no say in anything.
    Regarding the first TARP payments, we wonder why no regulations were placed on how it was to be spent. The moneys paid for bonuses and retreats should be returned to the tax paying public with no further expenditures allowed in these areas.

    We wonder if the Pelosi led party has gotten any advantage in these monetary disbursements? If there is any hint of this, an investigation should take place.

    This is a definite “NO” vote……

  14. lester bouchon says

    China is giving a more american response to the bad times than Americans govt by cutting corporate tax rate while we raise ours. The obvious result is more buisness running to China.
    This bill should stimulate the hell out of China considering we arent only sending them our buisnesses but they should also make out like a bandit if American is ever able to pay this money(borrowed from China) back it will also include a few trillion in interest.
    Start learning chinese… feichang ganxia fellow Americans

  15. We want to sign this petition have not been able to get the website.

    Our children and grandchildren will be paying this for years if it goes through!!!!

  16. If you are unable to sign the NO petition, you can still CALL.

    Here is a link to the list of phone numbers of every US Senator.

    Call them and tell them NO STIMULUS BILL!

    Please do it NOW!

  17. This spending stimulus plan is enough to push people over the edge.My childrens children will suffer for the greed of our policy makers and thier interest groups.
    I believe that all of these problems are steming from the lack of morals in atime of individual self-interest and no accountability.
    It is very difficult to follow what the public servants are doing,when in reality they don’t want us to know what they are really working for(the huge money makers who try to get more and more)
    People like myself know that if you get behind in your responsabilities that it will take a long time to get out of.who will bail out the common man, NO ONE!
    Total stripping of thieves in office and all personal that was in charge of our money to be replaced by some solid and proven people that are willing to stand against lies and deception.

  18. Interesting thing is, we as citizens of this great nation expect our congress and executive branchs to act in our best interest. When the first ‘so-called stimulus’ package was past how many Americans said NO!! Did anyone but us the citizen listen? The media didn’t even cover it much, only to hear words of depression and martial law was heard.

    I don’t know what good our vote even matters, they don’t listen anyway. If they were going to listen to us, then why are they getting ready for a war here, in the United States?

  19. deanne martinic says

    Connie Stephans #42 & Steve L. #20
    Best summary of the true nature of the situation! No more needs to be said!

  20. Rebecca Boaz says

    I’m not scared…we will overcome this and we can do it without this bill as it stands what scares me is the growth of the Gov’t. STOP! you don’t have the right…

  21. The only reason he is President is because he is BLACK! Not because he is smart!! Going to spend BILLIONS of dollars on STUPID things. No, not million but BILLION.

  22. Jeri Williamson says

    I am hearing Obama now, preaching to Indiana residents, telling them exactly what they want to hear and they are all over it. This is what he did on his campaign and it worked. He is a salesman, not a smart politician. I do not want my grandchildren and great grandchildren inheriting this debt. I am sick of Obama and his spending plan. It needs to be stopped and the three GOPers who decided to vote for this will face their fate on the next election. They are turn-coats. GOP should have held fast. The Dems showed their desperation when they were going to fly Kennedy in just to vote. A sick man with brain cancer and they would do that, just shows they don’t care about anyone but themselves. Email your congressman/woman and you senator and tell them that you are against this bill. If they wait six months, the economy will start to recover on it’s own. Just let things happen naturally. We have been through this before. Let it follow it’s course.

  23. Lower corporate taxes to 11-17%, reduce capital gains taxes to 5%. Move the country to a 10% flat tax on all goods and services so everyone pays taxes, not just the working class. This would also mean no more federal, state, FICA or medicare taxes to be taken out of our paychecks. We would no longer need the IRS. Do not spend our tax dollars on pork and projects that will not stimulate the economy.

  24. NO STIMULUS>!!!

  25. Enough already. Vote no on the Stimulus bill, which in fact is a Liberal spending bill. We do not want to be a Socialist country. Quit blaming Bush, Congress controls the purse strings.
    Jerry and Jerry Lowery

  26. Agree Jerry, I am tired of hearing about “the last 8 yrs”…campaign is over, time for a reality check!
    “We don’t want your porkulus package Nancy and Obama!”
    BTW how much is it costing us for Obama to fly around trying to sell us on this so called “needed” package?

  27. Hear this loud and clear!!! THIS SO-CALLED “STIMULUS” BILL MUST NOT BE PASSED!! Our Founding Fathers would not be able to recognize this government and would most likely rise up against it. We are dying as the county that they orginally formed. We must get back to that vision that they had of a free country with a LIMITED government. Let the free market take care of itself. We must not reward failure.

  28. RosinaRugolo says

    Obama and the Democrats are being dishonest.
    This is just a plot for them and their form of
    “government” to change the most successful
    country in the world into the new “Socialism”
    Please pressure your elected officials to
    not support this horrible and wasteful bill…
    before it is too late. Capitalism will correct this crisis!!

  29. Paul Hughes says

    I will not vote for any politician who votes for to approve this spending bill. It is bad for our Government appointed officials to spend money they don’t have and put our children and grandchildren in further debt.

  30. Debbie Wolfe says

    Voting no for stimulus pkg.

  31. I got a crappy deal and this is looking to be a good solution for it.

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