No Shame in the Law

This is an excellent piece on the illegal immigration problem –

What is it about the immigration issue that makes illegal immigrants somehow victims? They are victims of the “hard right” who clamor to uphold the law. They are victims of the oppressive laws which, if enforced, would prevent them from sending tens billions of dollars back across the southern border to Mexico and other nations. They are victims of the poverty in their home states and of the dream of a better life possibly available here – and for being unwilling to or unable to pursue citizenship through legal means.

Because most liberals (and John McCain) have granted illegal immigrants victim-status in America, the border security and immigration debate has taken on a strange twist as of late. Politicians from President Bush to Jon Kyl have found themselves pandering to a Hispanic electorate by supporting a new victim-class by supporting an immigration bill that will never and could never accomplish any of the goals it has set out to accomplish. With the exception of the Internal Revenue Service, is there another branch of the federal government that actually works?

Certainly clear thinking heads must realize that even if this monstrous bill were to pass it would only add to the bureaucracy – but would do nothing to secure our borders, nothing to improve the lives of America’s newest victims, nothing to make our nation any more “American.” The last time President Bush and Ted Kennedy joined forces, we got stuck with No Child Left Behind – is there a school district in the nation that feels we have greater local control of education today?

There is no shame in following the rule of law. And there shouldn’t be. To all who read this, ask yourself: did the businesses offering jobs that Americans allegedly won’t do create these newest victims? No. Did the Republican Party create these newest victims? No. Do the Democrats, by promising welfare benefits upon achieving citizenship (or Z Visas)? Possibly. These supposed victims, who only want to send money home because it’s so much easier to take from the US rather than reform their own government and generate economic growth back home, came to the U.S. illegally with every intention of doing so illegally.

Illegals are the Jack Abramoff’s, Congressman Jefferson’s, and Paris Hilton’s of the immigration world. They do what they do for better or worse knowing that it’s wrong. I don’t feel sorry for them because they broke the law. And I don’t feel ashamed because I believe in the Rule of Law today.


  1. You note “most liberals (and John McCain)” — it seems redundant to add the parenthetical “and John McCain” don’t you think? Perhaps “including John McCain” would be more accurate.

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