No Obstacles, No Excuses!

Today, Arizonans witnessed the tremendous occasion of the swearing in of conservative Republican, Janice K. Brewer, Arizona’s 22nd Governor. This momentous event follows on the heels of the convening of the 49th Legislature – a body of lawmakers which became more conservative in the last election cycle. In fact, this is perhaps the most conservative state government Arizona has had in recent memory.

This is a HUGE opportunity for Republicans and the conservative movement. Especially if Republicans desire to prove themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility.

While the federal government takes a radical turn to the left and liberal media outlets teeter on the edge of bankruptcy, a more perfect storm could not exist for conservative Republicans to safely guide the ship of state to safety in Arizona.

While states like California – held hostage by liberal Democrats and paralyzed by a liberal Republican – cannot seem to find a way to even issue timely tax refunds to its citizens, conservative Arizona lawmakers guided by a conservative Governor have a wide open path to show the nation how to control government and put the interests of its citizens first.

Conservative Republicans should be rejoicing! The liberal media is on the ropes. Democratic lawmakers don’t have the numbers to stop a conservative legislative agenda and the public mood is prepared to sacrifice and  accept the appropriate cuts to the state budget.

Arizona is ripe for political change. Republicans must gather to harvest government reform, fiscal responsibility, protecting traditional values and good government.

There are no obstacles and there are no excuses!


  1. it is a great day in Arizona to have such an awesome woman as Jan Brewer sworn into office.

  2. Goodyear GOP says

    I would feel more like celebrating if our Party wasn’t being torn apart by those who want to silence true conservatives. At this otherwise great moment, my mailbox is being filled with nasty letters from Lisa James, doing the dirty work of our Senators, trying to tear down the Party Chairman who gave us these great conservative majorities. Of course, she does this in the name of “unity”. It turns my stomach and ruins what should be an otherwise glorious day.

  3. Let’s hope that after Saturday, we stop our complaining and start working on making Arizona the strongest Republican State in the country!

  4. My prediction is that a year from now either A) Brewer will be seen as a traitor to the conservative cause by many on this blog OR B) The Republican run state government will be more unpopular than George Bush was right before leaving office. If things go even worse than I think both of the above might come to pass.

  5. todd,

    I believe we just may go another year from now without you emitting one positive thing about the AZ GOP.

  6. Joe – Probably I will also not emit one positive thing about the AZ Dems either.

  7. Jan Brewer is a committed and qualified public servant. She will be an honest broker who looks to the future of the state; every man, woman, and child. She has assembled a staff that understands…she means what she says but is also a good listener.

    The top down, my way or the highway practice of Napolitano made for some snappy headlines but brought us to the greatest deficit this state has seen in decades. That is rarely a good managment style. We should be so excited that we are on the road to “FREEDOM”!

    But, here we go again with the “true conservative” mantra. Principles folks…can we get to principles and leave the personalities aside?

    And for one post, please can we stay on topic?

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Jan will be a great Governor. How ironic, at a time when we dominate the legislative branch and the executive branch, our house is divided.

  9. todd — funny!

  10. James Davidson says

    If Governor Brewer and the Republican majorities in the Legislature balance the budget without raising taxes, the people will elect both with large margins in 2010. Governor Napolitano left such an awful mess, and the public knows cuts have to be made. When has hanging on to big spending ever trumped budget cuts with no tax increases?

  11. Basil St. John says

    Uh-oh! The House Appropriations Committee isn’t playing along! Time to send Vic Williams to the cornfield!

  12. Antifederalist says

    Decent speech. I really do hope she MEANS what she says. If she really plans to offer Arizonans freedom by cutting spending and rolling back government, Brewer will be an incredible governor. Let’s hope she turns her words into concrete action.

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