No Modest Proposal at Shangri-La

While I’m on the theme of “modest proposals,” here’s a quick link to a community event sponsored by one of our frequent reader/commenters, Horst Kraus.

Horst owns the Shangri-La nudist resort north of Phoenix. Horst has also been a longtime Republican activists. And let’s just say, Horst is no fan of modesty.



  1. Somehow having Horst and Ginsberg on connecting stories is fitting. PS: where is the warning that this video should not be viewed by children?

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    Hey, I was careful not to leave any dangling participles!

  3. Children frequent this web site? That explains so much!

  4. Larsen Griggs says

    Hey Folks! You too can sign your children up for Kraus teenager nudist camp! Every summer, right here in Phoenix! Just send your naked teenagers right over to Shangri La Ranch. Camp comes with a big dose of leftist politics to boot!

  5. nightcrawler says

    Throughout human history mankind has worn clothes of one sort or another. In the beginning for warmth and to avoid scrapes and rashes. Later clothes became a way for non-verbal communication as status symbol and also a vehicle to preserve the purity of the youth across many faiths.

    I really cannot grasp any benefit for humans to run around naked in a civilized society. Most who do so aren’t much to look at. You can’t go anywhere in public in the nude without being arrested or at the very least becoming a spectacle.

    In the end, it is a cry for attention. Lost souls in an urban jungle. Why bring all the attention to this very private behavior ?

    Would any care if a person walked nude through a uninhabited forest ?

  6. nightcrawler – while you are correct that certainly clothing is part of human history, it is also true that only until relatively recently has public nudity in many contexts been seen as negative. Saunas, public baths, etc. have long been part of human culture. A nude pool hardly seems very strange in this context.

  7. nightcrawler says


    The pool itself in a secluded place isn’t the issue. It is the TV cameras and the kids. Guess I am just old fashioned.

  8. MaricopaGOP says

    Ann, you epitomize your own statement.

  9. There is absolutely nothing that children couldn’t watch in the Fox news segment.

  10. This is why we need to have an active Environmental Protection Agency. Most people should have to file an environmental impact statement before taking off their clothes in public.

  11. nightcrawler, wearing clothes isn’t as old-fashioned as not wearing clothes. Think about it.

  12. Shane,
    Thank you for your advertisement. Although your competitor, the blog that belongs to the peeing red women who rides the broom above the southern horizon in any moon lit night scooped you by about 3 hours. Never the less, your assistance in stimulating my business is appreciated. I know that it worked because we have never seen so many cars with McCain Bumper Stickers in our parking lot than last Saturday.
    Now then to the question of my modesty, Shane, I am very modest; please let me proof this to you.
    Blogger number 4 says:
    Hey Folks! You too can sign your children up for Kraus teenager nudist camp! Every summer, right here in Phoenix! Just send your naked teenagers right over to Shangri La Ranch. Camp comes with a big dose of leftist politics to boot!
    “He is making four false statements here.
    No one can just sign up their children. Members of the Shangri-La Clothing Optional Family Resort may bring their children with them.
    The Nude U Summer camp is an adjunct to the annual convention of AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) and we don’t hold it Every Summer in Arizona, it goes wherever the convention is held, and with 250 member clubs it may take 2 centuries before our resort may be the convention host again.
    Our shipping and receiving department does not accept naked teenagers that have been send over.
    We are a Clothing Optional Membership and Teenagers (children of our members) may participate in nude recreation
    The poster says: Camp comes with a big dose of leftist politics to boot! I find that difficult to reconcile with reality. The teenagers depicted on our web site are my grand children. Two of them are now of age and both are Republican Precinct Committee Men and active in the Young republicans at the College they attend. The little one, still a teenager is the Vice President of the Bolder Creek High School T.A.R.s (Teen Age Republicans) she also is a regular at the LD-6 meetings and helps with setting up sound system, check in and fund raisers.
    The Poster number 4, who obviously has not heard of number 9 of the Ten Commandments, ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor,’ I call him modestly a “Pin Head”.
    If I was any less modest, and given the fact that I learned English, my second language, from Irish and Italian [legal] immigrants ditch diggers, laborers and plumbers in Chicago, I would call him by words that you could not and would not publish.
    Shane, it is always a pleasure to post on your blog.

  13. AZnooz,
    I fail to see any connection. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not a member of Shangri-La.
    Ann, I do not understand the meaning of your post. Naturally I can not know if Bristol or any other teenager ever visited our web site.
    Thane, Thank you. Tim, Ditto. Todd, Ditto
    Richard Grayson, I will buy in to environmental impact studies as long as you support my request for small balding men to watch an ultra sound movie and have a waiting period before they can get a new hair piece or a pair of elevated shoes.
    Night Crawler, every business needs advertising. The G.B.R. is for us the same as the Cherry Pit Spitting Contest for the Cherry Industry or the Hot Dog eating Contest for the Hot Dog industry.

  14. Horst,

    So what happened? Did you break the record?

    It was all over Fox News (national) but made no mention about breaking the record.


  15. Shane,
    Yes, this was a record. It is a brand new W.R category. Even if I would have been the only one in the water it would have been a record. The official numbers, nationwide, are not out yet. There might have been as much as 300 clubs participating. We had to get an official Non-Participating Non-Nudist Notary Public to certify the number of participants on special Guinness tm World Records registration forms. We logged in with 262 very happy folks.
    We will toot our Horn for sure when the official data is published.
    Last Saturday at 3 pm EST, High Noon in Arizona, the world stood still for a micro-second. I am sure it has no affect on global warming, but we all had fun.

  16. Shane,
    I forgot to mention it was on Channel 5 Saturday on the 10 o’clock News and somehow got onto the weather channel. Our Friends in Illinois saw it there.
    Do you know of a service organization that tapes the news and from whom we could buy a copy?
    We had forgotten to tape it.

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