No Jail for GOP’ers?

I saw this article on Drudge this morning which I couldn’t help but post on. Denver officials have set up a huge warehouse jail facility in the event of mass arrests at the Democratic National Convention.

I find this remarkable and sad that the expectation now is that Democrats are so unruly and prone to riot that a municipality like Denver anticipates the need to round them up and place them in a mass jail.

The other remarkable aspect to this is the fact that Denver’s Mayor is a Democrat. A quick visit to the Mayor’s website and you’ll not read anything about his party affiliation. However, if you look at Wikipedia’s entry on John Hickenlooper, you’ll see that he is indeed a Democrat. I suppose elected leadership in Denver knows their own kind well enough to make preparations to control them and avoid the embarassment of rioting in the streets.

But this also begs the question. Are there such preparations being made in Minneapolis-St.Paul as the Republicans prepare to rally for John McCain? I’ve heard of no Gitmo-like warehouse where unruly Republicans will be contained.

Ultimately, actions being taken in Denver speak volumes as to expectations.


  1. I lived in Denver for 11 years. It is a way left city that has been run by liberals for a long time. Denver only looks normal because it’s so close to Boulder. Kind of like how Monica looks ok when standing next to Chelsea.

    Denver’s mayor is a total quack. I’m going to watch the convention purely for entertainment reasons regarding Denver’s handling of the convention.

  2. Happy Hanna says

    Larry, Thank you for the personally verified info. It is so refreshing compared to the many bloggers who just bash with out any basis other than GUT FEELINGS. People who need to constantly share feelings actually need to save up those feelings and dump them on a counselor.

  3. Yeah, well, we’ve got to defend against idiots who actually thik Operation Chaos is something more than a clown show somehow.

  4. SonoranSam says

    Y’know, I have a semi-unique vantage point, having gone to six conventions as a journalist – three Democrat, three GOP.

    They ALL have security issues, and every city makes plans like those in Denver. I know I saw the cops in action in Dallas, New Orleans and Houston. They were all Republican conventions. (OK, now I’ve dated myself).

    If St. Paul doesn’t do the same, they’re being irresponsible.

  5. It is strange to see a post on SA in which someone’s party affiliation is noted. Okay, the Denver Mayor is a Democrat. But even if he were a Republican, wouldn’t we then be critiquing him/her based on whether in the conduct of their duties they have ever committed any act that any one would deem inconsistent with the Republican Platform? What does it matter if they are a Democrat!? Only purity matters!

  6. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Sonoran Sam: Did your wife used to work as an RN at TMC?

  7. SonoranSam says


  8. They are not concerned about Democrats but about the anarchists that are planning to show at both conventions. In typical fashion both cities plan on clamping down on free speech and protest, thereby reinforcing the anarchists points.

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