No-Fly, No-Buy and Other 2nd Amendment items…

You know about the attempt to restore the failed “assault weapons ban” law, well here’s yet another attempt to encroach on your Second Amendment right… presenting H.R. 2401

On May 13, Democrat Rep. Carolyn McCarthy introduced The No Fly, No Buy Act (H.R. 2401), a bill that will merge the TSA’s no-fly list with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a point-of-sale system for determining eligibility to purchase a firearm in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Presently there are over 750,000 individuals on the No-Fly lists and it is reported that 20,000 are added weekly.  Homeland Security is in the process of transferring management of the list from the airlines to the federal government.   If you feel you’ve been put on the list wrongly, they have a form for you to fill out and, among the questions is: Why or how do you believe you came to be on this list?  Then again, the list is Top Secret so how would you know?

And in related Second Amendment insanity … the US Attorney General

…. said that new gun control laws are needed because in Mexico, a country with a history of corruption and disregard for individual rights, there’s a shooting war going on…”

Of course, what is usually ignored in this discussion is any mention that purchasing a firearm for a Mexican drug runner, and transferring a firearm to someone knowing it will be used to commit a violent or drug-trafficking crime, are currently federal felonies punishable by 10 years in prison.  That and the fact that only 17% of the firearms being used in Mexico today have US sources.

Oh, did we mention that Mexico has strict gun control laws?

If you want the facts on “assault weapons” here’s the link.

As a public service to our more moderate and beyond friends, we are posting this image for you to xerox and place in the windows of your home.  Proudly proclaim your tolerance of the criminals diversity today!

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