No Better Place than the Super Bowl

The latest leftist assault is the condemnation of Tim and Pam Tebow for their audacity to be part of a pro-life commercial scheduled to air during the Super Bowl.  Sports pundits, political talking-heads, and news reporters are all over this story.   Liberal “women’ s groups” have asked CBS to deny Focus on the Family the right to buy air time to broadcast the ad and sports analysts are denouncing the Tebow  effort as damaging to his career.  One writer likened Tim Tebow to a full-time evangelist moonlighting as a football player.  Did he think that was insulting?

I could go on and on about what sort of false religion and destructive values are being exploited every day in pro-sports…. But I digress.

Apparently that writer has no idea the call on the life of the Tebow family and has no understanding of service to something greater than you.  Tim Tebow could no more turn his back on the opportunity to tell the world the miraculous truth of his healthy birth than a sports writer could turn away the scoop of a lifetime.   It is what he was put here to do.  And he knows it. On Florida game days, the most frequent Google search is for whatever scripture Tebow has on his eye black.

With that said, all the hyperbole about this being a sporting event and not a religious venue is a distortion of the truth.  The faulty premise is in the concept that the sanctity of life should be viewed only as a religious cause; it should be a humanitarian cause.  Protecting the life of the unborn, giving hope to women and families who are facing odds they see as insurmountable, and telling the truth where a lie has been accepted is not religious. If there were a call for aid to the people of The Sudan, or any region were genocide is practiced, would it be religious or humanitarian? It may be the love of Christ that empowers them but since when is love a religious act not to be confused with the real world?

An unborn child is a life, a real person with a real soul.  Life does not spontaneously occur and that which is not alive cannot become alive; it is formed and developed just as the unborn child is within the womb of the mother.  We all grow, change and have different stages of our being.  Such is the reality of life…and it starts at conception.


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    The ad is a civil rights issue. Not religious at all.

    If CBS capitulates, then they can be sued for selling ad time to any other civil rights cause or group. For CBS this is a slippy slope.

    Besides, if they allow it, 52% of their viewers will be pleased. The left does not hold a significant share of the Superbowl viewership market.

    CBS will let the ad air – its just a good business decision.

  2. VV, the problem for CBS is they DENIED an ad for a leftist group last year. So they need to be consistent. If they change the rules for the right, they need to allow the other side to buy ads as well.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    ah, that’s true…

  4. Uncle Dave says

    I’m thrilled this ad will run. I’m also thrilled that the pro-aborts are making such a stink about it since their caterwauling has drawn more attention to the value of protecting life.


    still a bunch of hypocrites you are

  6. Well stated. As I wrote on my blog, this isn’t a double standard because the PETA ad was completely lewd and the UCC ad was turned down by every network. The hatred for this man being a Christian is ridiculous.

  7. Annie Hoyle says

    August St. Germain,
    What does the link to that ridiculous article have to do with the Tebow Family and the contriversy of the ad?

    We are ALL hypocrites and sinners… duh! It’s the human condition. Worry about that plank in your own eye!

    Don’t forget, it’s the Christians and the Conservatives that are the closed minded ones! So turn the tv off when the ad comes on… I have to wade through garbage on tv all of the time!

  8. Annie Hoyle says

    oops…typo “controversy” not “contriversy”

  9. No one on here understands what is at the root of this controversy., including Annie Hoyle. Several years ago CBS refused to run a superbowl ad from the United Church of Christ in which the church promoted their welcoming policy for joining the church. CBS refused to run the ad. So what we have here is a question about what religiously themed ads the network will run, ones by United Church of Christ or those by Focus on the Family.

  10. Crikey – is nothing sacred anymore? Can’t we just watch the freakin’ Super Bowl without it turning into a political hot mess?

    I agree that this doesn’t have anything to do with the Tebows, or even what the ad was about. CBS runs for one side, they have to run for another…and in this instance my Aunt Gert will get in a knot at half time if there is a Pro Choice ad. Enough with the political posturing already – this isn’t the place for it!

  11. Typical pro-choice hypocrites. The ad is how one pregnant soon-to-be-mom made a choice. Get it? Made a choice. All the pro-choice people have their panties in a bunch because she didn’t make the choice that they wanted. Typical.
    These are the same people that moan and whine about the poor Haitian orphans while America sucks 1+ million babies per year into a sink.

  12. He was against it before he was for it says

    Well put papatodd, well put.

  13. How “political” is it for a guy to be thankful his mother gambled all for him?

    The Left proves again they can’t tolerate any dissent from the approved stance.

    What’s better for public consumption? The billboard of the scorned woman and her ex-lover the Obama adminstration philanderer or the football star who is telling the world how much he loves his mother for giving him a chance at life?

    My my. Also blows out of the water the feminist world view that all men are women-haters. And that mother, subversive that she is, still in awe of the wonderful young man who was bundled inside that tiny baby, not bragging on her career stats.

    Let the harpys screech. Shows more and more people what they really are.

  14. Your blog really landed right on the mark. great work, I look forward to your next blog.

  15. Wonderful tribute from Congressman Franks- thanks for posting.
    Doesnt matter that it is from 2009- it is truly timeless.

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