Nightmare scenario

So the state convention went well and McCain is all but officially the nominee. The electoral map looks good but the likely Democratic nominee, while weaker than Senator Clinton nationally, is stronger in Arizona. Even though the McCain forces won on Saturday some of them were not smiling. Maybe the following possibility is keeping them up at night.

Senator Obama wins his party’s nomination. In a recent poll he was only 9% behind McCain. Obama chooses Governor Napolitano as his running mate and then the Obama ticket is only 4% behind in the state. Then McCain chooses Lindsey Graham as his running mate. Graham is heckled on a visit to the state and tells the heckler to “just shut up.” Some conservatives are offended and Obama is only 2% behind. The Bob Barr makes a whistle stop tour through the state and speaks to audiences in Phoenix and Tucson. Obama is only 1% behind. Then election day arrives and it’s time to count the ballots. Sleep well.


  1. kralmajales says

    Just a reminder…I called Lindsay Graham over a year ago…just setting my bets.

  2. Honest Abe says

    I would suggest that a pipe dream is a much more appropriate heading.

  3. Do you mean the Dems are dreaming if they think they will get Napolitano? Is McCain going to choose her first?

    I would not consider Graham a dream, pipe or otherwise.

  4. Party Loyalist says

    If McCain can’t win AZ, he McCan’t win anywhere.

  5. If, if, if, if….

  6. Ron is just stirring the pot for no other purpose than stirring the pot.

    A poor contribution to an otherwise great blog. Hopefully the posts will return to meaningful topics other than just gripes and “what if’s” designed to see how dark the room can get if we turn out all of the lights ourselves?

  7. Be of good cheer! Even Mondale won his home state!

  8. This post is proof that LSD usage didn’t end in the 60s.

  9. And if my aunt had tes***les she’d be my uncle.

    Sheesh………Can any of you possibly get a clue?

  10. Does anyone want to predict that Obama will not choose Napolitano and that McCain will not pick Graham? Or do you just want to shoot the messenger?

  11. “So the state convention went well”

    Here’s where you lost me. The state convention was a FIX. Our elected administrators collected Our candidate information and used it to smash Our free speech. The conservative principles that attracted us to the party took a serious blow by the intended strategy of Our elected state party officials.

    The state put together their own slate. (Did we elect them to tell us how to vote??) Only known and dependable RINOS need apply. If you are known as even a lukewarm defender of conservative principles you don’t make their slate. Have you ever before stood in a polling place and been directed by microphone at to whom to vote for?

    The state convention didn’t go well. It was the most disappointing disaster of an election I have ever witnessed. McCain’s team of RINO experts were hard at work in every district.

    A HUGE insult to drag us to Mesa from every corner of Arizona to ratify State GOP choices for National Delegates. Very insulting to be told by our state leaders and elected officials that my choices for National Delegate are all wet! WHAT A JOKE!

  12. “The state convention was a FIX.” Like I said, it went well.

  13. Some of us are sounding like 9/11 truthers in these comments

    That is a bit scary…….

  14. Almost as scary as Cap and Trade and light bulbs filled with mercury.

  15. Tim,
    I noticed several different slates at the convention. All delegates were free to vote any way they wanted. I did not see anyone forced to vote for any slate. The delegates who won were those who received the most votes, period.

  16. The unity slate backers, including the administrators for the election, AZ GOP, concealed election information. Statewide voters were kept in the dark as to information as minor as which Congressional District the National Delegate candidate resides in. State Senators patrolled the voters (in the act of voting) providing verbal instructions into which unity slate members were in or out of the At Large ballot. It was not a fair campaign. So, don’t tell me it’s about the number of votes. That doesn’t square with the dirty tricks played in this election.

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