Newt weighs in on Senate Immigration Bill.

     Word is that the bill will come up for consideration in the Senate this Thursday.


  1. Villanova says

    Thanks for posting this important and informative video. Let’s direct our friends and associates to this site to watch it and then CALL OUR POLITICIANS, Time is running short.

  2. sato4gop says

    Awesome. I hope this gets seen by all the people who are still supporting McCain. Thinkright Arizona are you listening?

  3. McCain, Kyl, Flake—all sellouts. I expect this from the Dems, but we’ve been betrayed by those we helped elect. This should be a lesson to us all.

    I imagine they figure we have nowhere to go when election season rolls around; that Republicans, mad as we are, won’t vote for Democrats. That might have been true in the past, but when there’s not a hairbreadth of distance between them, what’s the difference?

    I have never been so enraged by politicians before. They care only about retaining their seats, giving us lip service when running. Once in office, they forget those who put them there, while cavorting with Ted Kennedy and Company.

    I’m disgusted.

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