Newt Gingrich – the Enviro-Liberal – Again!

The last I reported on Newt Gingrich we caught him shilling for Al Gore and Al Gore’s green enviro-wacko initiatives, having made a commercial with Nancy Pelosi.

Well, as the Gipper used to say, “Here we go again.”

This time we catch Newt shilling for Ethanol “clean fuels.”  Not just shilling, but he was hired as their lobbyist!

This “industry” is subsidized by taxpayers on two sides – direct subsidies to growers – and an ethanol “surcharge” at the pump, as ethanol costs more than plain gasoline, meaning you pay more at the pump to buy it.  Additionally, for that extra charge you get lower gas mileage and, ironically, produce more particulates per mile due to that lower gas milage (burning more material in your engine for the same gas mileage as you would burn with just plain gas.)

Seriously, are there still conservatives out there who think Newt is one of us?

How many times does he have to flaunt his globalist-elitist enviro-wackoism before you take him off your “conservative hopefuls” list?  Does he need to come over to your home and flash his “green” card credential or show you his membership card in the Council on Foreign Relations?

Please, scratch him off your “conservatives” list once and for all.

Teaparty, y’all!


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Trouble with Conservatives is that we are ever hopeful.

  2. Anti McCain says

    Tick tock tick tock America. Time is almost up. Lets get it right this time before the globalists finally destroy America.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  3. Lest we forget the former speaker is a member of the CFR and indeed part of the elitist establishment. And…fyi so is our Juan McAmnesty a member.

  4. Juan McAmnesty says

    Friends, amigos, fellow Liber, I mean Republicans… We should all embrace with open arms the environmentalist movement. Friends, its about control of the people.. I mean saving the environment. My fellow useful idiots.. I mean Americans, the CFR is a great organization where all of us elite get together to plan how we’re going to sell you all out… I mean make the world a better place. Please vote for my friend Barry Hussien Sotero because he has done a great job of being the globalists bitch. But if you are a racist then vote for Newt Gingrich because he will continue the globalist agenda for a new North American Union… I mean a prosperous United State of Amerika.

    And remember friends, there is a terrorist hiding around every corner so if you don’t vote for me your letting the terrorists win.

    Juan McAmnesty

  5. LOL, atta boy!!! and while we are at it there are a few more Johns that need flushing, Jon McKyl, John McCormish, John Shadegg
    Duh nada

  6. I think I’d rather eat Obama’s logs before voting for this doofus.

    Ron Paul or Gary Johnson! 2012!


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