News from outside Mesa.

     For our readers in the Tucson area we have a few events. Tonight Al Melvin and Pete Hershberger square off on Arizona Illustrated at 6:30 PM, KUAT channel 6. Tune in to watch Hershberger explain why Democrat leaning special interest groups based in Phoenix are so keen on his campaign. They have been pretty good about having these debates on the internet later in the evening so if you miss the broadcast you can watch it online at

     On Saturday LD 26 Republicans will elect a new district chairman to replace the former chairman who resigned. LD 26 locals believe they have the votes to regain control of the district but Pima County Republican Chair Judi White will be running the meeting. Could get interesting.


  1. This was a great debate, it’s definitely worth a watch. Both sides not only defended their positions but also laid plenty of charges at the other. Most primaries offer varying shades on a theme, this one is more like a black and white. Will be interesting to see the outcome of this primary. Excellent closing with time running out Al said that Pete is a Democrat and Pete countering that he’s a statesman, not a partisan. Excellent soundbites by both and quick on their feet to close out at the buzzer.

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