News Flash – Senator Harper has been targeted by the left!

     Tedski over at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion continues his Man Crush on State Senator Jack Harper. I was a little surprised at the actual content of the ad that Tedski posted. The voice in the ad says “here is what fellow Republicans say” as it splashes quotes from three editorials in the Arizona Republic. Oh, the humanity of it. The Arizona Republic has attacked a Republican State Senator. I think that is actually a badge of honor for Harper. I would worry that he was some kind of R*** if the Republic editorial board was not attacking him. (For more on the standards of the Arizona Republic see our story on how they treated the death of former Governor Evan Mecham; World War II veteran and recipient of the Air Medal.)

     Back to the attach ad on Senator Harper. After the three quotes from the Arizona Republic, the ad quotes Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Is Tedski now saying he finds Andrew Thomas a credible voice in the political realm? What next from Tedski, a puff piece on Sheriff Joe? And who is Bill Whalen anyway and who cares?

     In the quote from the ad, Andrew Thomas was criticizing Senator Harper for his effort on the voter integrity issue. No surprise there that Tedski would side with Thomas on that one, he seems to have a problem with people who work for election integrity.


  1. Andy Thomas has endorsed Jack Harper for re-election.

  2. There you go. The attack ad is a dud.

  3. Union financed ad, probably a small buy, even if it was a big buy, won’t make a difference in this race.

  4. Kralmajales says

    Its pretty cool to see both Harper and Pearce under attack…and in some cases by people who used to finance the GOP. (Refering to your other excellent post about Wake Up Arizona).

    He simply stopped a legitimate filibuster without a vote or without correct procedure and called a vote. Knowingly did it (as his excuses are paltry and conflicting).

    They guy doesn’t have enough class to take a defeat like a man…and instead showed that he’d do anything…virtually anything…to win.

  5. Conservative Majority says

    “Who is Bill Whalen anyway and who cares?”

    How about who was Bill Whalen, Jr.:

    2006 Rep Primary Election
    County HARPER WHALEN JR. Totals
    Maricopa 13,632 4,073 17,705
    Yavapai 1,621 516 2,137
    Totals 15,253 4,589 19,842
    Percentages 76.9% 23.1%

  6. Dismissed! Meddling in a Republican Primary backfires for Zerby’s liberal backers

    August 12th, 2008

    Today, the senate ethics committee found that State Senator Jack Harper violated no Senate Rules in clearing the way for the vote on the Marriage Amendment. Democrat Senator Ken Cheuvront, as a well-timed choreograph to meddle in the primary election between Harper and liberal challenger John Zerby, filed an ethics complaint on false pretenses as early ballot were about to be mailed into Legislative District Four. After weeks of meetings that Harper was not allowed to speak at, He was given a chance to make his argument about the invalidity of the faux debate carried on by two openly gay legislators in trying to defeat the Marriage Amendment. After hearing testimony from the Complainant and Harper, the Committee dismissed the charges.

    Today, an Independent Expenditure committee, funding by the liberal fire union and teacher’s union, sent out an automated call urging voters to watch the local news. Much to their surprise, the charges were found invalid. This implies that Senator Cheuvront may have coordinated this attack on Senator Harper at the behest of a militant liberal organization that advocates for homosexual marriage, and the unions that are financing the misstatements and lies on mailers and commercials against Harper, in support of Zerby. Curiously, Zerby has aggressively opposed the Marriage Amendment that will be on the November ballot in November. In the debate sponsored by the Citizen’s Clean Election Commission, Zerby also opposed making the state property-tax cut permanent, instead advocating for the tax to come back on property owners in 2009. The estimated rate for the tax will be $39 for every $100,000 of assessed valuation. In the same debate, Zerby said he was open to new taxes and made the case for socialized healthcare.

    Harper said, “This assault through the ethics committee did not work and pro-higher taxes Zerby cannot run from his statements. My challenger has pandered to homosexual-advocacy groups and labor unions, showing that he running for office as a Democrat disguised as a Republican”.


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