New County Supervisor Clint Hickman donated to Kyrsten Sinema and David Lujan

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Supervisor who replaced Max Wilson gave money to far left Democrats in 2008
THIS is who Governor Brewer forced the supervisors to choose as a replacement?

We told you in a previous email that Clint Hickman was a very bad choice for a Maricopa County Supervisor replacement. Now we have discovered even more reasons why. If you go to the Secretary of State’s website, and do a search under Contributors for Clint Hickman’s donations in 2008, you will discover these: He gave $130 each to these far left Democrats, who are considered some of the most radical Democrats in Arizona.

It was a mistake to appoint someone this cozy with the left to the Board of Supervisors, which needs to be cleaned out of corrupt leftists like Mary Rose Wilcox. There were plenty of real conservatives who had applied for the position who were passed over for this Brewer contributor.  Get read for a bruising primary fight next election!

Committee Date Amount Report
* COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT DAVID LUJAN 01/11/2008 $130 2008 June 30th Report
* COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT KYRSTEN SINEMA 01/11/2008 $130 2008 June 30th Report

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