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New Ad: What’s Missing from Richard Carmona’s Bio?

New Ad: What’s Missing from Richard Carmona’s Bio?

Jeff Flake

After running up $46 million in debt for the Pima County Health System, Carmona was forced to resign

PHOENIX – Richard Carmona tells an impressive story about himself on the campaign trail. But we’re learning that a lot has been left out.

While Richard Carmona ran the Pima County Health System, their debt skyrocketed to over $46 million dollars. That was a 28 percent increase in just one year! As a consequence, Richard Carmona was forced to resign.

A new television ad that debuting today statewide on broadcast and cable television begins to complete the picture of Richard Carmona’s resume.

Click the image below or this link to view the ad:


JEFF FLAKE: I’m Jeff Flake, and I approved this message. 

VOICE OVER: Richard Carmona talks a lot about his bio.

VO: But, what’s missing?

VO: Carmona’s bio doesn’t say that while he ran the Pima County Health System, their debt ran up to $46 million dollars. (“Pima County’s Health Care Debt Growing,” The Associated Press, 4/28/99)

VO: A jump of 28 percent in one year. (“Pima County’s Health Care Debt Growing,” The Associated Press, 4/28/99)

VO: Carmona was forced to resign. (“The Doctor is Armed,” Time Magazine, 3/31/02)

VO: Richard Carmona, another Obama big spender. 

“We’ve seen Richard Carmona’s record when it comes to financial management,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Flake for Senate. “Now he wants to go to Washington and spend Arizonans’ hard earned tax dollars with his fellow liberals. That’s a prescription for disaster.”

Stay up to date on Richard Carmona’s campaign to be a rubber stamp for Democrats’ liberal agenda in Washington by visiting www.RubberstampRich.com.

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at www.JeffFlake.com.




  1. Conservative American says

    What’s Missing from Jeff Flake’s Bio?

    Congressman Jeff Flake voted against the post 9/11 GI Bill. In June 2008, Flake voted against a war-funding measure that revised GI Bill college benefits. The bill provided those who served at least three years on active duty educational assistance equivalent to tuition and fees at a leading public university in their state along with housing assistance, money for books, school supplies and tutorial assistance. The bill passed with only nine House Republicans voting against it. One of those nine was JEFF FLAKE!

    Flake voted FOR the war but AGAINST GI Bill benefits for those who served. But why would Flake care about GI’s, he has never served in the military. Carmona, on the other hand, enlisted in the Army, joined the Special Forces, served in the Vietnam War and was awarded TWO Bronze Stars!

    Fiscal conservatism is great but you don’t put a notch in your belt of fiscal conservatism at the expense of those who went to war for our country and were lucky enough to come home vertical instead of in a body bag!


    • Jeff Flake voted for 80+ veterans bills. Anti-veteran? I think not.

      To quote McCain (a well-known veteran), “He voted against some bills that had all kinds of pork-barrel projects in them and were not paid for and would increase the debt and the deficit. The worst thing we can do for our veterans is hand them and the next generation a country that is bankrupt.”

      Get your facts straight. The sponsors of those bills that he voted against created them to look like they intended to help veterans because they knew this would happen – it’s a manipulation tactic. “If you don’t vote to fund my pet project with this bill, I’ll make it look like you hate veterans and give your opponents a chance to demonize you”. Come on, Arizonans – you’re smarter than this!

  2. Conservative American says

    What ELSE is Missing from Jeff Flake’s Bio?

    While JEFF FLAKE voted AGAINST the post 9/11 GI Bill, he included, word for word, the DREAM Act in his STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation. Here is what Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, had to say about the DREAM Act illegal alien amnesty legislation:

    “It also goes against our national interest to deny these young students a college education. By creating opportunities for these bright, talented youth to attend college, they will contribute much, much more than they ever could as struggling workers moving from one under-the-table job to another. With a college education, they can fill important jobs in fields facing critical shortages, such as engineers, nurses, and teachers. Today, even in tough economic times, our country has 3 million unfilled jobs. By 2018, we’ll need to fill 2.6 million job openings in the fields of science, technology, and engineering, and mathematics.The students who will benefit from the DREAM Act can absolutely help fill those jobs.”

    “By working in these fields, they will contribute to our country’s economic growth. With a bachelor’s degree, their earnings will be up to 80 percent higher than if their education ends in high school. With those extra earnings, they will purchase homes, cars, and other goods to drive economic growth. According to a 2010 study from the University of California, Los Angeles, those who would benefit from the DREAM Act could generate between $1.4 trillion and $3.6 trillion of income over their careers.”


    So while JEFF FLAKE included in his STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation the DREAM Act, which would provide all of the above new educational benefits for illegal aliens, FLAKE voted AGAINST the post 9/11 GI Bill which would have created new educational benefits American GI’s!


  3. Conservative American says

    …and this just in!

    “It’s a Dead Heat in Arizona Senate Race”

    “Heather Ginsberg
    Blogger, Townhall.com”

    “Here is the latest news you need to know about the Arizona Senate race:”

    “In the last week, 3 polls have been released gauging the state of the race. 2 of the pollsters have Jeff Flake, the Republican ahead by 3% and 6%. The most recent poll has Richard Carmona up by 2%, with a margin of error at 4%. Essentially these polls show that the race is a dead heat.”


    JEFF FLAKE just received the endorsement of both the Arizona and U. S. Chamber of Commerce. That’s not an endorsement, that’s the political kiss of death, LOL!

    It was the U. S. Chamber of Commerce who sought to have the Legal Arizona Workers Act declared unconstitutional by SCOTUS in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting! They lost and LAWA was upheld. Naturally, the Chamber of Commerce supports FLAKE because FLAKE co-authored the STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation which contained within it the DREAM Act.The Chamber of Commerce never saw an amnesty it didn’t like and if FLAKE becomes U. S. Senator they know that FLAKE and McCain will provide businesses with all of the cheap, south-of-the-border labor they could possibly want at the expense of U. S. citizen workers!


  4. LEO IN TSN says

    McFlake just doesn’t seem to like the real American military. He voted against GI benefits for real GI’s while he voted to homosexualize the American military, creating a caricature of a military. He voted for forcing military commanders to allow flaunting in drag, gay “marriage’ ceremonies on base, gay personnel marching in Gay Pride Parades in uniform contrary to UCMC, forcing military chaplains to violate their own religions beliefs or be drummed out of the military for not going along, forcing soldiers to violate their beliefs and their loyalties to protecting America or be persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned and discharged. He won’t vote for money to educate real GI’s, but he will spend money on more government and more regulators to enforce perversion and to persecute and prosecute real military people.

    McFlake favors open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens including criminals and terrorists, cap & tax on American business, industry and households, the gay agenda, and so on and on and on. Every one of his pet desires requires more government & more gov’tal regulation & more gov’t regulators to carry out enforcement AGAINST American citizens and businesses, and all to be funded by more & more taxes on the American taxpayaers and higher deficits.

    The odds are much better that Dr. Carmona will got to DC and morph into a conservative patriot than that McFlake will return to DC and morph into a conservative patriot. As in any game, you pick the odds you like.

    God bless America.

  5. Conservative American says

    JEFF FLAKE voted for the war in Iraq. But as our troops were, literally, rolling into Iraq in March, 2003, Congressman Jeff Flake voted for a budget that called for cutting $15 billion from veterans’ benefits, including veterans’ pensions, compensation, education and other benefits, over 10 years.

    “As hundreds of thousands of America’s brave young men and women await the uncertainties brought on by war, including the potential of biological and chemical attacks at the hand of a fanatical tyrant, they should not have to also be concerned about the discouraging possibilities of a Department of Veterans Affairs that cannot provide either the necessary services or benefits they have earned and might need. Nor should World War II veterans, the “Greatest Generation,” now in their twilight years, who are directly responsible for the freedom and prosperity of our nation, be forced out of a system designed specifically to provide for their needs.”

    “All eyes will be on the critical action of the House this week as you vote on the budget. With America’s sons and daughters prepared to do battle with the enemies of our country, and our veterans locked in battles over the crisis in VA health care and drastic cuts to our programs, the American public will want to know whether our government will honor its commitment to our veterans and to their children–our future veteans–serving in harm’s way.” – Edward R. Heath, Sr., National Commander, Disabled American Veterans.

    JEFF FLAKE, who voted for the war but who has never served in the military, voted to cut veterans’ benefits. Four years later, in 2007, JEFF FLAKE was proposing his STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation, with the DREAM Act hidden in it, offering all sorts of benefits for illegal aliens.


Speak Your Mind


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