National Review: Mitchell, Giffords & Kirkpatrick are vulnerable this fall

National Review is covering the races where Republicans will likely defeat Democrats this fall.  They list three races in Arizona:

Harry Mitchell, Arizona: The second-term Mitchell faces a likely rematch with well-funded challenger in David Schweikert, former state lawmaker and former treasurer of Maricopa County, in a district scored R+5 in the Cook PVI.

Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona: She’s a freshman Democrat in a Republican-leaning district; the Wall Street Journal placed Kirkpatrick on its list of the ten freshman Democrats most at risk. The GOP primary is crowded.

Gabby Giffords, Arizona: Representing a district on the Mexican border, she once bashed the Minutemen; now she calls for deploying National Guard troops to stop unlawful border crossings. She’s wavered on the state’s tough new illegal-immigration laws. She’ll face a strong GOP candidate in Jonathan Paton.



  1. Stephen Kohut says

    I agree with the comments except paton. CD8 can do much better a retred with terrible ratings from AFP and the PAChyderms.

  2. I agree, Kohut. We need a true conservative in CD 8 and Paton is not the guy.

  3. Two interesting things here, does Ward really have no chance here?

    And how well funded is Schweikert? I thought his numbers had not been so great so far….Also the NRCC has not raised a lot of money and has not pledged anything to this race… I hate to say but I dont know how vulnerable Mitchell is…

    When you look at CD-8 you have Paton raising 500k in 9 weeks. And Ann who has been horrible overall so I feel like those two are much more vulnerable…

  4. wanumba says

    I hope so. Kirkpatrick is condescending and evasive in her lazy telephone “town halls.”

  5. Mitchell is vulnerable to the right candidate. Unlikely that the guy who lost by 10 with an incredibly lethargic campaign and creepy personna is the right candidate.

  6. “They (private industry) added a surprisingly strong 231,000 positions last month, also the most since March 2006, the Labor Department reported Friday.

    Read more:

    It’s the economy! Who was in charge in 2006? Some of us have longer memories.

  7. Jesse Kelly is running against Paton. Why such a statement that Giffords will run against Paton as a “fact” before the primary decides who she will face?

  8. charming nancy says


    If Jesse Kelly does happen to win the primary he will be defeated worse in the General Election than Tim Bee was.

    CD8 at least needs someone who has experience in legislating. Jesse, Brian and Andy are not Scott Brown’s–Jesse needs to go back to the Northwestern part of the country–Brian and Andy need to get some experience in legislating under their belts and they will have great careers ahead of them. I would vote for either one of them in another race. Jesse, not so much.

  9. Oh charming nancy, I could make a pretty good guess as to who you are.

    You need to stop making your fear of Kelly so obvious. I see Kelly rolling over Paton like Graf did to Huffman. I think you do too and that is why you constantly bash him on every blog and site there is out there.

  10. just a Thought says

    is anyone going ofter Raul?

  11. Jesse Kelly supports the stimulus, earmarks, Napolitano’s all-kindergarten (daycare program) and has never voted in a Republican election. He’s no Randy Graf. He didn’t even vote in the Huffman-Graf election, despite living here.

  12. charming nancy says

    Actually, Bob, I see Jesse coming in third place behind both Paton and Miller.

    I am just merely stating facts regarding Jesse. Interesting what Andrew had to say, don’t you think?

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