National Horizon Political Action Committee Launches Ads Against Ben Quayle, Kirk Adams

National Horizon’s FEC reports are located here.


  1. CD5 Conservative says

    pretty pathetic on the Adams attack. Yes he referenced a vote to voters after the governor vetoed budget after budget and actually sued them. Then the voters elected to accept the tax by over a 10% margin of victory. If that’s breaking your word or the worst you can find on Adams, then he’s got my vote.

    What did Salmon ever achieve in congress? I’d like to see one meaningful bill or amendment that he sponsored and went into that that actually mattered.

  2. Salmon “kept his word” on term limits? That’s news to me since he appears to be running for Congress again.

    He probably kept his word before he broke it. AZ’s own John Kerry!

  3. Mr. Conservative says

    Salmon got Amiee’s Law passed in congress and signed into law.

    • CD5 Conservative says

      Mr. Conservative
      You might want to check you link. This would show just what happened to Matt’s attempt at Aimee’s Law (a good law I support). It showed it Died in committee.

      The Aimee’s Law that was signed into actual law was introduced as part of HR 3244
      Matt Salmon was not listed as a sponsor on this bill (primary or co)

      Wonder if Matt had become so toxic back then that no one wanted to work with him.

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