National Federation of Independent Business Endorses McCain


NFIB endorses Sen. John McCain for re-election


WASHINGTON, D.C., April 8, 2010 — America’s leading small business association today endorsed one of America’s great statesmen, John McCain, in his bid for reelection to the U.S. Senate.

“Through all the big decisions he has had to make in his nearly 30 years of service in Congress, Sen. McCain has never forgotten that America’s economic powerhouse is on Main Street, not Wall Street,” said Lisa Goeas, NFIB’s vice president for political operations. “After a grueling presidential campaign, he could have easily rested on his well-deserved laurels, but instead he rallied once again to help small business fight the disaster-in-waiting healthcare bill.”

The endorsement was announced during a McCain campaign event held at an NFIB-member business, Central Bindery Company in Phoenix. It comes from NFIB’s Save America’s Free Enterprise Trust, the association’s political action committee, and is based on voting records and positions on key small business issues.

In this current session of Congress, Sen. McCain voted to provide some relief from the most unfair and anti-American of all levies, the death tax. The relief would permanently increase the spousal exemption and reduce the tax rate. Sen. McCain opposes efforts to make it easier for unions to organize small businesses. Specifically, he led the effort in the Senate against the Obama Administration’s nomination of pro-labor candidate Craig Becker for the National Labor Relations Board position, and is on record opposing the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have eliminated secret ballot elections. Throughout his three decades of service in elective office, he also pushed for a line-item veto authority for the president to identify and eliminate wasteful spending items and has consistently voted to increase and extend small business expensing limits and key portions of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts.

“Sen. McCain continues that great Arizona tradition established by Barry Goldwater that a man is what he does, not what he says,” added Farrell Quinlan, NFIB/Arizona’s state director. “For almost a third of a century, Sen. McCain has been a friend of small business in deed. And for that he not only receives our endorsement but our deepest gratitude.”

Today’s endorsement puts the grassroots support of the state’s small businesses behind the McCain campaign. Small business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. NFIB will encourage its members to help turn out the small business voting bloc on Election Day.

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NFIB is the nation’s leading small business association, with offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 states. Founded in 1943 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, NFIB gives small and independent business owners a voice in shaping the public policy issues that affect their business. NFIB’s powerful network of grassroots activists sends their views directly to state and federal lawmakers through our unique member-only ballot, thus playing a critical role in supporting America’s free enterprise system. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses. More information about NFIB is available online at


  1. National Security Matters says

    John McCain take a back seat to no one on national security issues. With this crew in the executive running our foreign and defense policy, we need McCain’s experience, stature and 100% Right leadership to keep this country safe.

    Now small business folks say he’s their guy to help them fight for jobs and an economic recovery.

    That’s good enough for me. McCain’s the one Arizona needs in the Senate to fight the Obama Regime.

    Case closed.

  2. Yep, McCain is always in the drivers seat, if he would just keep it in between the stripes and go straight.♥

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    I’ve heard that the streetwalkers guild has also endorsed McCain for his outstanding performance but that doesn’t seem to have been posted on SA yet. I wonder why.

  4. “In this current session of Congress, Sen. McCain voted to provide some relief from the most unfair and anti-American of all levies, the death tax. The relief would permanently increase the spousal exemption and reduce the tax rate”

    Question: So what happened? It pass? Is it law?
    AM wondering, haven’t seen a tax yet this year the Democrats reduced or eliminated. Not a ONE.

    Is this substantive or is it McCain VOTED, but the GOP was outvoted so it came to nothing?

    Seriously, sounds great, but it just says “voted.”

  5. The problem with endorsements like that is they come from the leadership, which has ties to McCain. The vast majority of independent business owners know he’s no friend to business, he will raise their taxes and vote for more government regulations almost as reliably as any Democrat. If you polled the membership, instead of the leadership, you’d find that most independent businesses prefer JD Hayworth, who drafted the Bush tax cuts that McCain opposed, to McCain.

  6. The Mole says

    “Sen. McCain continues that great Arizona tradition established by Barry Goldwater that a man is what he does, not what he says,”

    Isn’t that the problem with McCain. He talk like a conservative and acts like a liberal. McCain is just a bitter old man who needs to retire. He hasn’t done anything for us, just to us. That’s why his endorsements are from out of Arizona. Fortunately, the ARIZONA voters will decide. Tea Party movements are growing like crazy and most hate McCain.

  7. Blue Meanie says

    Johnny boy has done nothing for my business. If he gets re-elected there is a good chance he won’t complete his full term. Even is he does, he know it is his last and once elected, he won’t be answerable to anyone. Well that part doesn’t change much, but you can bet on more amnesty bills.

    JD bring fresh, energetic blood and is solid on important issues. Arizona deserves someone that will work for us, not himself.

  8. Jefferson Smith says

    Does JD deserve any blame for inflicting Harry Mitchell on Arizona and the nation? Didn’t JD’s political malpractice and gross negligence in turning over his safe congressional seat to a reliable Pelosi voter worth any demerits to these “real” conservatives? John Shadegg or Jeff Flake or even Buz Mills would have all given McCain a real race. What does the pathetic loser known to all as JD Hayworth show us? He tops out at 41% in his best poll… more often; he’s in the mid-30’s. Really? What a joke.

  9. Small business knows! Glad to hear it!

  10. Travis:

    Small business sure knows who’ll work to ensure it always will have cheap, unskilled and illegal labor!

  11. Politicalanimal says

    So what? Guys, don’t get your knickers in a twist! Let’s walk the walk and REALLY HELP JD. That means go to his campaign office, bring your friends,and do whatever is needed: phone calls, data entry,envelopes stuffing,etc.. It’s great to opine, but talk is not enough.
    I volunteer regularly for JD, and I enjoy it. Please,join me, just ask for Politicalanimal. See you there.

  12. I guess I’ll be peeling those NFIB stickers off my business trucks.

  13. Carlist: Stop being a business hater.

    Small business is the backbone of our country and the fact that you are willing to throw them under the bus for your blind-hatred is very telling.

    You and Stephen are indicitive of the oppostition to Senator McCain. Keep talking, it’s helpful.

  14. Strange, I don’t remember receiving a NFIB member ballot to vote on a McCain endorsement.

  15. Rosco P Coltrane says

    “Sen. McCain has never forgotten that America’s economic powerhouse is on Main Street, not Wall Street,”

    Yeah, that’s why he voted for the banker bailouts and got most of his $23M in donations from the too-big-to-fails (according to

    That’s why he’s adding vitamin/supplement regulations to the draconian Food Safety Modernization Act.

    I’d like someone to name me ONE single piece of legislation sponsored by McCain that promoted small business. I’ll bet there’s at least one, I’d just like to know what it is.

    Hopefully we see a lot of people surrender their NFIB memberships. I know I would.

  16. Stephen Kohut says


    You are such a hoot! Have you asked to be on Rachel Maddow’s show yet? You would fit right in.

    The McCain spinmeisters remind me of that great sceen in “The Wizzard of Oz” where the Wizzard tells everyone to ignore the man behind the curtain. The McCainiacs say ignore his proamnesty, pro crap and tax, TARP, anti-first amendment, anti-second amendment, … votes. Pay no attention to any of that because HE’S OUR MAN! Sorry guy. We vet. We research. We know McCain. No matter how much you polish a trud, it’s still a turd.

  17. Alicia Gegner says

    It sounds to me like the National Federation of Independent Business wants to make sure they have a steady supply of exploitable labor, and they know McCain will cooperate to keep the borders open for illegal entrants – just what we need – more ranchers getting popped, more debris, more drunken drivers, rapists and labor thieves stealing jobs from citizens and legal residents.

    If McCain were the only candidate, I would not vote for him. He does not get an endorsement from Alicia Gegner, but JD does.

  18. The national insiders continue to circle the wagons around their own. The voters will have the last say in August and again in November. All the money and all the “endorsements” in the world will not change my mind. Go JD!

  19. This just proves that McCain is everything that Hayworth is not. He’s great on defense, and now small businesses endorse him too! I don’t think he could get a better endorsement right now. Hayworth and his “tea party” and he doesn’t get the support of the NFIB?! haha he’s just blowing smoke at this point. McCain has been and will be the conservative leader that AZ needs.

  20. lyle tuttle says

    Who was the chairman in LD-20 who left his post to work for,,,,,drum roll: NFIB

    Who was the chairman in LD-20 who is/was a FAN (supporter) of Terry Goddard?

    Who was the chairman of LD-20 who was promoting McCain so hard?

    Who is the new chairman of LD-20, and what are his ties to Senator McCain?

    You belong to NFIB and didn’t receive a ballot on this issue? Gee…must have got lost in the mail…..NOT!!!

    As a long-time member of NFIB, I will be no more, and I will so advise my business friends.

  21. Not a surprise. McCain’s ability to promote Arizona’s business interests as a leader in Washington should be all the more reason to back him. Go McCain!

  22. Anyone who’s questioning the organization’s motives, ask oneself, “what if they endorsed JD?” If you’re a supporter of JD and if the NFIB endorsed him, one’s opinion could be different. The key here is that a business organization endorsed a Republican, who is John McCain. It goes to show that business is supportive of Republicans, not Democrats.

  23. Arizona Ranger says

    After reading these erudite observations on the endorsement of John McCain, there is only one undeniable conclusion to be reached about the NFIB: they are idiots!

    If you support amnesty, you will support McCain, it is that simple. And apparently this organization (who I have NEVER even heard of!) now believes that it should “endorse” one of the most liberal, progressive “RINOs” that ever walked the halls of Congress!! (Well, maybe Arlen Spector was a tad worse!)

    I do not believe for one second that this organization speaks for anyone but the individual who made the endorsement. HE DOES NOT speak for small businesses-I know because I am involved in several local small businesses.

    This “endorsement” will do nothing to slow the change over of the electrorate in Arizona. We have had enough of this old, mean spirited, and imperial-minded despot who completely fails to represent us! He does represent certain special interest groups, but it is becoming more and more widely known how narrow his “representation” really is. McCain is not “our” Senator: he is bought and paid for by special interest groups. As the election goes forward, this will become more widely known.

    JD is our man and our new Senator. He is an honest individual who will truly represent the interests of all Arizona residents-not just the power elite!

  24. Nicole Brunning says

    I have been planning on voting for McCain again, my husband as well, and every time I read an article like this, my decisions is once again ratified. McCain knows what it takes to be successful in Washington, he stands up for the people, the businesses and I watched him stand up against Obamacare and continues to fight for our Nation’s security. I cannot imagine anyone replacing his integrity and hard work ethics.

  25. Yes, McCain does know how to be a D.C. insider. Sell your soul, lie to your constituents, play ball with people like Keating, support amnesty for the business community to insure a cheep labor force and kiss up to the powerful democrats.

    Why is he best known for legislation either declared unconstitutional or with democrats?

    Is there enough Geritol to get him through another term and how much more damage can he do? Time for him to go, in fact it’s past time.

  26. Stephen Kohut says

    The McCainiacs must cut and paste the McRINO stood up against healthcare lie from thread to thread. None of the GOP Senators including McRINO and Sen. Minority Wimp Kyl did squat on healthcare. They had an entire box of tool at thei disposal and did zip with them for concern of upsetting the decorun of the Senate. Barf. Read my redstate blog and Sen. Gregg’s Minority Rights memeo for the disgusting truth on our two Senators and healthcare.

  27. I’m just waiting for the Oprah endorsement.

  28. kralmajales says

    Same businesses…like the Chamber of Commerce…that have endorsed the YES on 100 one cent sales tax. JD is against it…and signed up to be against it one

  29. Jefferson Smith says

    NFIB opposed Prop. 100 from the start… when making a point… have a point. And McCain opposes it too! Jeez, come folks everything doesn’t fit in to the nice neat boxes you think they do. Here’s proof on the Prop. 100 thing:

    Arizona Capitol Times Guest Opinion
    Published: March 19, 2010 at 7:40 am

    HEADLINE: Passage of Prop. 100 will signal voter permission to raise taxes even higher

    A recent survey found that 71 percent of Arizona small-business owners oppose passage of Proposition 100, the one-cent sales tax on the May 18 special election ballot. Our entrepreneurs and job-creators know instinctively that this tax increase is a bad deal for Arizona and the start, not the end, of further bad public policy decisions.

    Last summer, President Obama said the “last thing we want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession.” Proposition 100 is just the kind tax increase he was talking about; one that will depress consumer confidence and spending.

    We must remember that Arizona taxpayers already pay the fifth-highest sales taxes in the U.S. Moreover, the average Arizonan annually pays $1,440.83 in sales tax, which is 43 percent above the national average.

    Even its boosters admit in rare moments of candor that Prop. 100 is not a solution to the state’s unconstitutional deficit. Nor is it a roadmap to anything but larger spending cuts, further tax hikes and a stalled economic recovery. After passage of Prop. 100, the state’s structural deficit will remain at $2.2 billion or more.

    Proponents of Prop. 100 cynically seek to leave the impression that increasing the sales tax rate by
    18 percent will protect popular spending programs. However, at best, the new revenue will be woefully inadequate and will fail miserably in saving those programs from deeper cuts. The math doesn’t lie. Prop. 100 will not halt the inevitable cuts to K-12 education, health care and public safety.

    Prop. 100’s $3 billion tax increase is only “temporary” in so far as the precise voter-approved sales tax hike will go away after 36 months. Make no mistake, passage of Prop. 100 will be the beginning, not the end, of new tax increases. Don’t take my word on it, check Gov. Brewer’s and legislative budget drafts that include new property, electricity, gasoline, vehicle license and other tax hikes-regardless of Prop. 100’s success or failure.

    Don’t give the politicians permission to raise taxes even more. Vote “no” on Prop. 100 and send the message that state government must prioritize, economize and downsize rather than load heavier tax burdens on our citizens and small businesses.

    – Farrell Quinlan is Arizona state director for the National Federation of Independent Business.

  30. No wonder the NFIB endorses McCain. They McCain amnesty so they can hire their labor force.
    Why else would they endorse him.

  31. The NFIB is like the AMA. Very few businesses belong to it. There are only 19% of Doctors that belong to the AMA and fewer busineses that belong to the NFIB. The people that are endorsing are people who don’t own businesses.

  32. kralmajales says

    So NFIB opposed prop 100 and so did McCain. I will take your word for it and the post you made seems to confirm they were against it.

    But here is the big big difference. It is one thing to, when asked, say your are against something. It is quite another to fight for or against something.

    Why has McCain or the NFIB NOT added their name and support to Why have the not stood with folks like Ron Gould, Russell Pearce, JD Hayworth and the list on the site goes on?

    Its really because John McCain wants to have it both ways and he doesn’t want to be on the record on this one. He just ain’t that conservative folks. Same with Paton who also hasn’t put up on that issue either.

  33. No guts, no glory says

    Has the Phoenix 40 be reserected to endorse this John Kerry flip-flopper. There is little doubt this man needs a well deserved retirement. Anyone interested in helping planning such an event?

    Let’s make it so.

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