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Picture dated 1980.  I suppose you’re known by the company you keep? Warning, this links to a site that may challenge your thoughts on what exactly the issue is about the border and Aztlan.  Oddly enough, some might call this a hate site, but apparently not the ADL or the SPLC because I’ve sent it to them.


  1. National Council of La Raza and La Raza Unida Party have nothing to do with each other. This is typical racism on SA part’s just because they both have brown people in them does not make them the same thing. But what else should I expect SA.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Ah Lisa … how old are you? Members of the former group helped organize the later group. But you wouldn’t know that unless you’d been around. Why do you think this photograph is in the archives of the lovely love filled folks over at Aztlan-dot-net?

    Do you believe La Raza Unida Party is still what it once was (or even around for that matter)? Organizations morph, they evolve, and they mature. Is having an organization named “the race” not racism?

    If you’re up on your history (which I tend to doubt), you’d know that not too long ago La Raza changed its (what would you call it) ah, *mission statement* to reflect a kinder more gentle touch of radicalism.

    Talk about racism – you wouldn’t know it if you fell over it. To you, every thing is racsim (or sexism). Color has zip to do with anything; their attitude is everything, as is their agenda.

    This region isn’t theirs and no one “stole” it from them. Grow up and read something other than your professors reading list.

  3. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    I took a “Spanish Civilization in the Southwest” course last semester. Our entire reading list consisted of leftist crap written by a marxist latino. The literature was so incredibly biased. It is the same garbage people like Lisa are exposed to and believe. Groups like La Raza Unida Party and MEChA have a radically distorted view of reality and an even more radical agenda. They view everything from a marxist/conflict worldview. They are all extremely radical.

  4. Sorry actually you are both wrong. NCLR was created in 1968. La RAZA unida party was created in Crystal City, Texas in 1970. There are no definitive links between the two, even going so far as to denounce the idea of Aztlan. I agree the LA Raza unida is a racist, anti-american organization but NCLR is a non profit organization to equate the two is intellectually dishonest. Even SA is better than that.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Lisa, correct me if I’m wrong, but this statement is a non-sequitur: “… LA Raza unida is a racist, anti-american organization but NCLR is a non profit organization”

    And you maintain there was no cross pollination between the two organizations at a very politically agitated time period?

    What do you consider a “definitive link”? Have you listened to some of the leaders of La Raza at their rally’s in LA?

    And just because a group is a non profit what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

  6. What do you consider significant cross polination? If the founders of NCLR are the same as LA Raza Unida party then yes there would be a problem. That however is not the case. Because someone attended a NCLR conference that was a La Raza Unida Party does not indict NCLR for being just as bad. Please point to board members of NCLR that were also founder or boardmembers of La Raza Unidad party or vice versa. NCLR denounced repeatedly the platform of La Raza Unida. SA bloggers want to lump them together, because they were both founded by Hispanic people, even though their expressed goals are different. If you don’t agree with the view points of NCLR and think they are bad for this country then say so, but dont be intellectually dishonesty and lump them in with an anti-american group, because of their shared ethnicity.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Ethnicity has zip to do with my POV on the issue.

    Are you aware that the goals and mission of the NCLR were revised a few years ago when you posted the following: “… even though their expressed goals are different.”

    The original I believe it was the Mission Statement of the NCLR was being widely circulated on the internet with key passages highlighted. In response, the NCLR revised and sent out apologists to explain what they really meant.

    But here’s a fundamental question: Why name an organization “The Race” and support a college organization with the motto: “For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada!”

    You cannot deny that the NCLR supports el Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan can you?

    One is the polished suit and tie version of the radical more in-your-face version isn’t it? I mean you have the NRA and they you have JPFO – both part of the same agenda just as NCLR and MEChA are part of the same agenda only their methods and exterior are different.

  8. Veritas,

    The goals and mission of NCLR were not revised a few years ago. Please site where that is true. As for supporting Mecha, in what manner did they support Mecha? NCLR does not give money to Mecha, when asked about the platform of Mecha and La Raza Unida Party, they repudiated the platform of both groups. Imagine now if this organization had been named the Irish Cultural Society. If the Irish Cultural society was a non-profit doing charity work would you ask them to repudiate the IRA? Probably, not because the Irish Cultural Society has nothing to do with the IRA. To ask Irishmen to repudiate the IRA when they are not affiliated with the organization except by ethnicity would be unjust and discriminatory.
    The name is what you want to read into it. La Raza in Spanish has two meanings, it can mean either people or race. NCLR has consistently stated that it is the people. They conduct themselves in that manner if you need housing assistance or job training NCLR will give you the services despite of race or color.
    In the end you have legitimate arguments against Mecha and La Raza Unida Party. They are anti-American and racist. NCLR is a non-profit that has not advocated for the violent overthrow of the country. To push them together would be to put together the Black Panters and the NAACP.

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Lisa, thank you for educating V. and for taking the time to explain this more fully. I appreciate it.

    I am however concerned about NCLR’s role in the Immigration and Border issue.

    I know things about the border that would make an average soul absolutely sick to heart. The border has become political and in the process its the lives that are being hurt. This V. is very upset about.

    I do not wish open borders. I do believe that folks who’ve waited in line to get it and (this is more important) have skills we need; these should receive priority over those who are unskilled, uneducated and do not fill an economic need.

    On the other hand… we need to work with Mexico to improve their conditions for those within their borders.

    I could write forever on this, so I won’t. As I said, I know too much about the border and politicians on BOTH SIDES of the issue MAKE ME SICK.

  10. Veritas,

    It is pefectly correct to disagree with NCLR on their immigration stance. It is a policy decision that has consequence. I think a group like NCLR should be held to scrutiny for their public policy stances. I am just dissapointed when people make connections that don’t exist.

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