Nathan Sproul needs to stop attacking the Republican Party

Just received this email which is being blasted around to Republican hacks –
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Political consultant Nathan Sproul, still bitter that his candidate Lisa James lost the election for Arizona Republican Party chair last fall, needs to back off on his attacks on the state party. Sproul, who most party hacks blame for the GOP’s big losses in Arizona last fall, has been emailing and calling Republicans all over including at the national level complaining about the state party, and twisting the party’s measured response to the Senate’s illegal immigration bill into assertions that the party was attacking conservative Senator Kyl.

The problem with this accusation is that the state party has been making considerable attempts to work with Republican leadership (who can forget the photograph of McCain on their homepage a few days ago?). Although there are many in the grassroots who are calling for Kyl’s resignation, saying he lied, and changing their voter registrations in protest, the state party has tried to be a bridge between Kyl and the grassroots base. The statements released by the state GOP analyzing the Senate’s illegal immigration bill are thoughtful and nuanced – does this sound like the rant of someone who is trying to remove Kyl from office? I think Nathan Sproul needs to get over his bitterness and move on. Trying to divide the Republican Party by creating false accusations against it will end up doing nothing but hurting himself. The party has new leadership which is trying to work with all Republicans – Sproul needs to back off.

Here is what Pullen wrote on the state GOP blog regarding Kyl. Unless I’m on drugs, this is praising Kyl.

Over the course of his distinguished career, Senator Kyl has earned a lifetime “A” rating from the National Rifle Association. He has frequently earned near-perfect or even 100 percent ratings from such organizations as the American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, National Right to Life, National Federation of Independent Business, US Chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity, and the list goes on.

Senator Kyl is considered one of the ten most effective US Senators in Congress today. From protecting our paychecks to protecting our families to protecting our nation, Jon Kyl has been Arizona and America’s most dedicated patriot for decades. He has fought our tough battles time and again, and tomorrow he will be there fighting just as hard with just as much pride. More than once I’ve heard Senator Kyl referred to as a statesman, not a politician.

Republicans should call Sproul and tell him to stop tearing the party apart. 480.303.7175


  1. Seriously- it looks like Randy is getting his arm twisted. Randy: Don’t back down!!! There are millions of illegals crossing our borders! Senator Kyl promised us no amnesty- and now he lied to us. Randy, I thought you were standing up for Arizona, don’t back down now!!!

  2. Jon Manleigh says

    GO RANDY GO! When you stick it to Kyl, you stick up for us!

    Is there any doubt that the buzz will start to build for Randy to run for governor in 2010?

    Sorry, Nathan. That’s one campaign YOU WON’T be managing.

  3. Kyl isn’t helping things by paying for or allowing a robocall to be made in his name that attacks Pullen and calls for Republicans to contact Pullen to express their displeasure.

    Nathan Sproul is out of control and needs to be stopped from the disunity that he is sowing.

    As I said in other threads:

    The State Party Chair did not draw the middle finger drawing. Someone angry at the Republican Party because some prominent Republicans are supporting the latest amnesty scheme drew that and sent it. Pullen was just reporting how angry Republicans are at what they perceive is a betrayal by the President and several Republican Senators. Stop blaming Pullen for everyone else’s anger and actions. Neither has Pullen called Kyl or McCain ANY names despite your claims that he did. Pullen simply called for opposition to the legislation. Some folks decided to make that personal.

    On the other hand, Nathan Sproul has appeared on national TV disparaging BY NAME the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, telling the world that Pullen is “destroying the party” and making other ridiculous, inflammatory claims. If anyone is bringing embarassment upon Arizona and the Republican Party it is Sproul with his smears against Pullen and also the Republican Senators and Representatives who are associating themselves with Teddy Kennedy’s scheme to give amnesty and rewards to millions of illegal aliens.

    I want to point out that the attacks against Kyl began well before Pullen sent out his emails calling for activism against the legislation. There were people – many who were Republicans – gathering outside Kyl’s office at 5:30AM on Monday the 21st. The “Action Alert” from wasn’t sent out until the evening of the 21st and it only mentioned Senator Kyl in a long list that had every Senator’s name and phone number.

    Pullen has taken the principled stance here. The Republicans in Arizona elected Pullen because he held such a view on illegal immigration. I mean, he was one of the principle organizers and proponents of Proposition 200. We knew who we were voting for and why we were voting for Pullen. He’s come through extremely well and he’s taking the stance we who voted for him expected him to take.

    Sproul is working to undermine Pullen, making a big deal out of one of the several pieces of mail that Pullen received and displayed. Sproul is trying to characterize Pullen’s opposition to the latest amnesty scheme as an attack on Senator Jon Kyl. If anyone is to blame for this “division” (it was already there, by the way, just not all that obvious) it is Sproul for telling lies about Pullen on national TV and holding these mutinous “conference calls” to foment opposition specific to Chairman Pullen. Of course we can’t leave out the blame to be assigned to President Bush and RNC Chair Mel Martinez and other Republican leaders who are trying to force Republicans to support Kennedy’s amnesty scheme which is a terrible piece of legislation that will lead only to even more disastrous immigration policies. If the President truly opposes amnesty, as he says he does, and if he would be honest to himself and the American people and admit that this bill does contain a form of amnesty for illegal aliens, there would be little debate about this bill. While the Democrats narrowly have a majority in the Senate, they can’t get 60 votes to advance this atrocious legislation. Even if they did somehow manage that, the President need only veto it. There’s certainly not enough votes in support of this amnesty scheme to override that veto.

    But then Sproul would not have had this opportunity to use anything he can to undermine Pullen to try to better his chances of getting one of his people in as National Committeeman and also State Party Chairman when that election rolls around. Maybe we should put together our own “conference call” to discuss how Sproul’s naked desire for power in Arizona politics is a significant cause of this current schism and the controversy surrounding it.

  4. AMEN!! The only thing Nathan Sproul has ever done is lose critical campaigns while pocketing large consulting and management fees for himself. His track record is the sorriest ever for a person who is supposed to be a campaign consultant. Also, he is bought and paid for by John McStain.

    Randy Pullen is between a rock and a hard place. If he supports this horrible bill, he betrays those who elected him as well as his own personal beliefs, and if he opposes this horrible bill, the Congressional delegation and the Central Avenue Chamber of Commerce and lobbyist leaches try to lynch him.

    Randy, if you’re going to be criticized, make sure it is for doing the right thing. Keep up the good work.

    We must denounce the bill while trying to convince Kyl to change his position. Vitriol aimed at him is not the best course to get him to change his mind. Be passionate against the bill when you call his office, but do not attack him personally. We can turn this around if we keep up the pressure in the right way.

    Remember, a tourniquet around the throat is not the best course to stop a bloody nose, but pressure at the point with ice properly applied is effective.

    Referring to a lack of any future support for the Senator if he plays a role in the passage of this bill could be effective.

    Remember, he must play a role of killing this bill, not just reduce advocacy. We must not accept a scenario where he just votes against the bill when he knows it has enough votes to pass without him.

  5. Conservativetothecore says

    Bottom line- I will not support Kyl if he supports this Immigration Bill.

    I will not support Randy if he supports Kyl supporting the Immigration Bill. Kyl said that he would not support amnesty- and now he is- you have every right, and our support to call him out on the carpet!

    Randy, I implore you, don’t back down! You are standing up for us, the people, who believe that granting amnesty to millions of Illegals will be to the detriment of our society.

    Again, I’m pleading now, don’t back down. Go Randy go!!

  6. Nathan Sproul says

    Thank you for referencing my email. However, your link didn’t go to it, so I have copied it into the comments section.

    Randy Pullen supporters are arguing that he isn’t attacking Senator Kyl or Senator McCain or even President Bush. He is just attacking the bill and giving out phone numbers to every U.S. Senator. Well, when you live in Arizona, you logically call Arizona’s Senators first.

    Everyone on the outside recognizes that this is a transparent attempt at causing Senators Kyl and McCain as much political pain as possible. I’ve never seen a state Republican Chairman utilize the resources of the State Party to encourage opposition calls to our own Senators. It is outrageous conduct. About the only thing more outrageous is that he would display an obscene gesture at a press conference to summarize the feelings of Arizona voters.

    I have never said that Pullen or anyone else has to agree with the bill. What I have repeatedly said is that they shouldn’t use State Party resources to attack our Republican Senator’s efforts.

    Thank you for referencing my email and allowing me to post the full content on the site.

    Entire Email:

    Dear Friends,

    I have sent you a story that appeared in the Washington Times today (see below). I would encourage you to call Randy Pullen and demand that he apologize publicly for his comments about our RNC Chairman Senator Mel Martinez, President Bush, Senator Jon Kyl and Senator John McCain. I have never seen such outrageous comments come from a State Party Chairman. He needs to understand that a lot of Republicans just don’t agree with him. Read the story for yourself and if you are offended as me, call him at 602-957-7770 or email him at Yesterday, he appeared on national television criticizing our elected leaders and today this story comes out. His apology should be just as public as his criticism.

    I am thrilled by how many letters of support I have seen for Senator Kyl. Keep up the great work. First and foremost, we need to let Jon Kyl know how much we support him. As per our conference call yesterday, Garrick sent everyone talking points about Senator Kyl and the immigration bill.

    Nathan Sproul

    Divisive bill stokes GOP anger; base rejects path to citizenship By Ralph Z. Hallow THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published May 24, 2007

    The bipartisan immigration bill being pushed by the White House and Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican, is fracturing rather than “saving” the Republican Party nationally, according to angry party leaders and new poll findings.

    Arizona Republican Party officials have received “hundreds and hundreds of calls, e-mails and letters from Republicans angry about the bill,” state party Chairman Randy Pullen told The Washington Times.

    “They were saying, ‘I am going to register independent and not give you any more money’ — and that’s the base of our party saying that,” Mr. Pullen said.

    Republican officials also criticized Sen. Mel Martinez, Florida Republican, as being out of touch for his weekend remark on CNN that the immigration bill “could be the saving of the Republican Party.”

    Chuck Laudner, the Iowa Republican Party executive director, told The Times that Mr. Martinez is “dead wrong because the bill doesn’t save the Republican Party — it drives a wedge right through it.”

    “I don’t think the immigration bill is going to save the Republican party,” Cindy Costa, the Republican national committeewoman from South Carolina, told The Times. “If you undermine your base as this bill does, I don’t hardly see how that can save the GOP.”

    Mr. Martinez was handpicked by the White House to be general chairman of the Republican Party because he agreed with the Bush administration’s goal of reaching out to the nation’s growing Hispanic electorate.

    “I like Mel, he is a great guy, but his political instincts aren’t real good — my Florida friends tell me they’re calling him ‘Amnesty Mel’ down there,” Mr. Pullen said.

    The measure, whose chief sponsor is Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, would provide illegal aliens a way to gain legal status and eventually citizenship. It is “a Democratic bill,” Mr. Pullen said.

    “The White House and Jon Kyl are giving Democrats exactly what they need — cover,” the Arizona official said. “Democrats aren’t going to be out there alone, giving amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens.

    Mr. Pullen also criticized Arizona Sen. John McCain, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, for his sponsorship last year of a measure that would have enabled illegals to gain citizenship.

    “McCain’s position last year was the reverse of what it should have been,” Mr. Pullen said.

    Mr. Kyl said he’s committed to the bipartisan deal in the Senate, and that his only fear now is that Democrats will pull the bill too far to the left for him to support it.

    “I have already taken the political hit,” Mr. Kyl said. “I have already made my decision to support this legislation, and I will support it to the end if it is not substantially modified. My commitment is firm, and I don’t want the situation to occur where I have to pull my support.”

    The divisive effect of the bill is illustrated by a Rasmussen poll released yesterday that found that 26 percent of respondents favor the Senate immigration plan. Opposing the bill were 47 percent of Republicans, 51 percent of Democrats and 46 percent who belong to neither party.

    “These survey results are consistent with other recent polling data showing that most Americans favor an enforcement only bill,” said Scott Rasmussen in an analysis accompanying the poll of 800 likely voters. “Support drops when a ‘path to citizenship’ is added to the mix,” as in the current Senate measure.

    “President Bush’s job approval ratings dip every time comprehensive immigration tops the news,” Mr. Rasmussen said.

    Conservatives warned that the Republican lawmakers who support the Senate bill can expect retribution at the ballot box.

    “This immigration issue should be of serious concern to all members of Congress with an interest in being re-elected,” said Curly Haugland, a North Dakota rancher and Republican national committeeman. “So far, the only member of Congress that has expressed an opinion on the matter that I agree with is that of House Minority Leader John Boehner, who called the bill ‘a piece of [expletive].’ ”

    After asserting Sunday on CNN that the immigration bill would be the “saving of the Republican Party,” Mr. Martinez suggested that it would be politically popular “once people have an opportunity to understand what’s in this bill.”

    Mr. Laudner called Mr. Martinez’s assertion “nonsense” and said the Iowa state party has “had nothing but angry phone calls streaming into our office since it was announced last week that [Senate leaders] had cut this deal on a bill — not one happy caller.”

    In President Bush’s home state of Texas, “people are offended by what they see as an amnesty provision,” said Bill Crocker, the state’s Republican national committeeman. “What they want before anything else is border security.”

    White House political adviser Karl Rove has emphasized outreach to the growing U.S. Hispanic population as key to the future of the Republican Party. Mr. Martinez, who was a teenager when he escaped Fidel Castro’s communist Cuba, told CNN that “I well understand, in my own skin, what it’s like to immigrate to America,” and said Mr. Bush has provided “crucial” leadership on the immigration bill.

    “I think he’s got a great phrase, where he’s saying that, ‘without amnesty or animosity,’ ” Mr. Martinez said on CNN, “and it’s very important that, as this debate unfolds, we keep that in mind, that we keep the animosity out of it and try to do something that’s good for the country.”

    c Stephen Dinan contributed to this report.

  7. PartyGuy says

    Nathan, you are simply full of it. “Transparent” applies to your arguments and we’re sick of it. Pullen has been very careful not to attack Bush, Kyl or McCain on this bill, only to deal with the bill. It is you who are trying to make this personal for Kyl and Pullen. Shame on you for this despicable behavior. No matter how many times you repeat your lies you will not change the fact that Pullen has NOT criticized Kyl. In fact, his words for Kyl are incredibly generous. I quote “I’m very concerned about the direction that some criticism has taken, most especially toward U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, who has served our state and our nation with great dedication for two decades now.”

    I recognize that you are a professional bulls**ter Nathan, but you’re not fooling anyone here. This is about money and business to you, nothing more. Shame on you.

  8. Dittos to Party Guy.

    Nathan, your poikilothermic pusillanimous perfidy is putative. In other words, Nathan, your cold-blooded cowardly treachery is well-known and accepted as fact.

    Take that and put it in your tin type, you insidious asp.

  9. Nathan Sproul said:

    “Randy Pullen supporters are arguing that he isn’t attacking Senator Kyl or Senator McCain or even President Bush. He is just attacking the bill and giving out phone numbers to every U.S. Senator. Well, when you live in Arizona, you logically call Arizona’s Senators first. ”

    You are so full of it, Sproul. Arizona’s Senators were not listed first. 98% of the Senators on the list were Senators OUTSIDE Arizona. Arizona’s Senators were given equal billing with every other Senator on that list. Your illogic is stunning as is your dishonesty.

    Calling for opposition to legislation written by Democrat Ted Kennedy and opposed by the majority of Republicans in Arizona is not an attack on any Republican Senator from Arizona. Now, if those Senators have made the unfortunate political choice to associate themselves with this latest amnesty scheme, then there are natural and unavoidable political consequences.

    So, now that we have your attention, can you tell us what your involvement was with the dishonest robocalls that went out yesterday to smear Randy Pullen and sow party disunity? Was that your work?

  10. The Happy Warrior says

    Well Nathan did bring one interesting fact to light in posting the Washington Times article. It looks like Republican Party officials from other states are now coming out and being highly critical of the legislation.

  11. Randy – don’t bow to Senator Kyl or Nathan Sproul. Don’t let power interfere with what you know is right! we can stand strong, and prove that we are powerful too!!

  12. Gee whiz! I’m dizzy from so much spinning! How is showing that picture with the obscene gesture, making the comments of reference to the meaning of the gesture, his statements on national television NOT to be considered attacks on Senator Kyl? So he writes a make nice piece on his personal blog but goes on Hardball and sounds like the campaign manager for his next opponent? Now that is allover “youtube” but who reads his blog? Haney with his protest sign, Pearce and his press conference antics… labels of traitor and liar, calls for his resignation? Where is the party leadership in saying loudly and clearly, STOP! How is making Sen. Kyl appear weaker supposed to provide the leverage to make the changes on the floor that need to happen in order to get this thing right? Any legitimate dialogue on this issue has been moved from objective to subjective with the egocentricity of Pullen, Pearce, others at the forefront.

    I don’t have a horse in this particular race (or subject) but just in case the often used attacks on Nathan Sproul really matter, here are some interesting pieces of information. Nathan did a majority of the work in New Mexico and Iowa in ’04, both states that went for Bush in ‘04 but had gone for Gore in ‘00. Can you say “swing state”? As for the “millions” he made; there are always costs involved in any effort, the gross amount of pay does not equal the net. Also, where is the value for what was provided? If you are talking about signatures for nominations, that is the starting gate. No signatures, no name on the ballot. Something that has never been mentioned is that Nathan Sproul donated more to the party in ‘06 than he personally made from the work he provided.

  13. Ann,

    How do you know exactly how much Nathan received personally from the work provided? Is that amount only for funds paid to him as a person as opposed to remittances to some of his many corporations? Do you know how much he made from the companies that he is a partner in that were given contracts by him for work accomplished?

    It seems that you can say that you do not have a horse in this race, but you seem to have more than a passing knowledge of Nathan’s personal information. Sounds fishy!!

  14. Ann mumbled:

    “I’m dizzy from so much spinning! How is showing that picture with the obscene gesture, making the comments of reference to the meaning of the gesture, his statements on national television NOT to be considered attacks on Senator Kyl?”

    Dizzy is right. But it is from your own spinning, not anyone else’s.

    The extended middle finger drawing was sent to the Republican Party and it was aimed at the Republican Party for their association with a number of Republican Senators (not just Kyl) who are supporting the amnesty-for-millions-of-illegal-aliens scheme penned by Teddy Kennedy. The finger was not aimed at Kyl. Pullen’s comments were not aimed at Kyl. Just because Pullen opposes a disasterous piece of legislation that Kyl and a number of other Senators (Democrat and Republican alike) support does not mean that Pullen’s opposition to that disasterous piece of legislation is an attack on Kyl. Kyl AND McCain support the amnesty scheme. I don’t hear you defending McCain now, do I? So, how about you stop YOUR spinning, Ann.

    But there are natural political consequences for Kyl or any other Republican sullying themselves with Kennedy’s reward-millions-of-illegal-aliens-with-amnesty legislation. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to insulate them from the damage that they’re doing to themselves for supporting this amnesty scheme.

    As for Sproul, the damage that he’s done as part of his current smear campaign negates many of his contributions in the past. If he apologizes for his actions quickly he may save himself politically.

  15. ThinkRight says

    I don’t know about you folks, but Sproul has been supporting Kyl. I was on the conference call and Sproul was nothing but civil and focused on supporting Senator Kyl.

    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and if you see any soldiers, thank them!

  16. ThinkRight said:
    “I don’t know about you folks, but Sproul has been supporting Kyl. I was on the conference call and Sproul was nothing but civil and focused on supporting Senator Kyl. ”

    He’s supporting Kyl by telling lies saying that Pullen is attacking Kyl. He’s supporting Kyl by paying for robocalls telling lies that Pullen is attacking Kyl and then asking for people to call Pullen to express their displeasure (which backfired, by the way). He’s supporting Kyl by going on National TV and political blogs and saying that Randy Pullen is trying to destroy the Republican Party.

    You don’t see Sproul defending McCain, do you? Even though both McCain and Kyl support the legislation that Pullen is opposing.

    It is obvious what Sproul is doing and it is not just to defend Jon Kyl. Sproul is doing everything he can to undermine Pullen for purely political reasons that have nothing to do with Kyl or this current legislation.

  17. h@xOr,

    Isn’t it something, the way you describe Nathan Sproul is just how many see Pullen at this point. And as for the finger, it was imposed on a photo of the Senator as if he were the one giving “the finger”.

    I’m not going to go over and over the very real and purposeful ways in which this leadership has failed due to their egocentricity and absolute disregard for the purpose of their position. The same few continue to post and argue the same things.

    GOP PK,

    Nothing fishy, just facts. I do not have any personal connection to him whatsoever but I do pay attention….and not just to what is spoon fed to me by those with an agenda that is more personal than anything Nathan Sproul has ever dreamed of.

  18. PartyGuy says

    No Ann, the finger that Randy showed was only on the piece of paper, and it was not superimposed on Kyl’s picture by anyone at HQ or otherwise. That is simply incorrect.

    I’m not sure that the Iowa and New Mexico GOP would agree with your contention that Nathan Sproul “did the majority of the work” in winning those states for Bush. Even if it were possible for one man to do the majority of the work in two entire states, it is highly unlikely that Nathan accomplished all of that while also being involved in so much other stuff in various other states.

    As for your contention that Nathan Sproul lost money in 2006 due to his generous nature, that is simply foolishness. Unsupported foolishness from your own admission as to your absence of supporting facts.

    Pullen has hit the bill hard, but never attacked Kyl personally. Does Kyl ever pay a price for having his name on the bill? Sure, but he deserves it and he knows the credit or cost he gets when he signs on to bills. Pullen did right.

    When I call Kyl’s office to complain about the bill and urge its defeat, you would have me believe that I am, by default and definition, attacking Senator Kyl. Under your rules of engagement, civility would mean the end of debate since disagreement itself is now considered an attack.

    So much for the First Amendment, eh?

  19. Nathan Sproul has lost all credibility. Formerly a straight shooter, he became enamored not only with himself, but also with the vainglorious trappings of perceived power.

    Check out his background by Googling his name. He works outside the perimeters of decency, often supporting liberals such as the pro-abortion Carolyn Allen over a solid pro-life conservative, which he would have us believe he is.

    Anyone who has watched the metamorphosis of Sproul knows he is not to be trusted. He talks a good game, but actions speak the loudest. Interestingly, his track record on issue campaigns and candidates is reliably bottom dragging. He loses campaign that should be winners, and backs liberals over conservatives. Sproul is all about the “game” and the monetary rewards, since his principles flew out the window years ago.

    Hangers-on in his camp should be aware of the taint. My dad used to say, “You are judged by the company you keep.” It’s an old adage, still true today, and applies perfectly where Nathan Sproul is concerned.

  20. On topic and interesting…tonight we received a call from the RNC asking for another contribution. I was surprised to hear my husband say, “Not another thin dime until the nation’s borders are secured!”

    I hope more people are taking on that line of thinking. The only way we can get the national party to support us is by withholding funding. We will continue to contribute to individual candidates who are true conservatives.

    Since this border crisis has boiled over, we have developed an effective means of dealing with the deluge of mail from those who are intent on giving away our country. Whenever we receive a letter from those like Congressman Jeff Flake or our senators, we send a note back to them in their own self-addressed, postage paid envelope! It gets the message out that we are not willing to stand for this disastrous amnesty policy, which imperils our nation and our safety.

  21. The Sproul is unraveling.

  22. Fooled Twice says

    During Nathan Sproul’s recent conference call, Mac Magruder referred to the Confederate Republican Arizona Party–or CRAP. Is pure-hearted Ann offended by that or is her ire just directed at the picture of the middle finger sent to AZ GOP Headquarters?

    The conference line was filled with McCain loyalists, discussing plans for a half page ad in the AZ Republic which “Mac” Magruder generously offered to underwrite as well as finance the anti-Randy Pullen auto-dialer which has been written about. Magruder is intent on working through Nathan Sproul to prop up Sen. Jon Kyl. The usual suspects (from A to V) were on tap: Alberto Gutier through to Shiree Verdon.

    You might recall that this is the same crew that attempted the unsuccessful hijacking of District 11 leadership, wanting to replace the officers with former Gov. Fife Symington and Magruder. These folks never bothered to attend district meetings, but wanted to lead the PC’s they didn’t care to know. And why should such high level “moderates” be desirous of hobbing and nobbing with the “little people” anyway? They weren’t, of course. They just wanted to run things. Fortunately, they were shown the door. I’m a PC in the district and saw it all firsthand.

    Now, they want to break the back of the state GOP leadership. What a shame. They could expend their energies in much more productive ways. They are giving aid and comfort to the Dems, but power is their ultimate goal. Life is full of wins and loses. Most of us move on and use the loss as a learning experience. These sore losers would rather break the party than function with leadership not of their choosing.

  23. Magruder is an otherwise decent fellow who is trying to find labor (and likely customers) for his many McDonald’s franchises. This is not an issue of principle for him, it is financial, and that’s a shame.

  24. Fooled Twice says

    Decent? Perhaps. But wwithout principles what are we? He has adored grandchildren. The Anerica which offorded him fabulous opportunities won’t be there for the coming generations if we mindlessly follow our senators down this primrose path. For all of us, our families matter more than blind loyalty to any politician. This is a crucial issue–more fundamental than low-wage labor and customers.

  25. Ann,

    I appreciate the attempt to use the tricks of slight of hand by taking our attention elsewhere, but the question, how do you KNOW that Nathan gave more money to the Republican Party last year than he personally received from the Party nationally? That statement was put there in a way that demonstrated a personal knowledge of that fact.

    If it is not a personal relationship that enables you to know that information, what is the public source of that information so that others can confirm the accuracy.

    Also, are you aware of his shadow ownerships in companies that he has the party direct contracts to and are themonies he accrued from those contracts included in your financial analysis?

    If you want to modify your original statement as just being a supposition on your part, I can accept that, but it is not valid to make such a statement and expect it to be accepted as fact without substantiation.

    As Ronald Reagan said, Trust — but verify.

  26. John Q. Public says

    h@x0rr wrote a few posts back stating:
    “You don’t see Sproul defending McCain, do you? Even though both McCain and Kyl support the legislation that Pullen is opposing.”

    I would like to remind the poster that Sproul is deeply embedded with McCain. Sproul was the one responsible for bringing McCain onboard to endorse Len Munsil in his bid for governor. Munsil lost by the greatest percentage in memory, although Arizona has a solid Republican majority. Munsil’s dismal 35.4% showing against liberal Democrat, Napolitano’s 62.6% is a clear indication that many agreed that Munsil was forsaking the conservative base to play with the “big boys.” That was a seen by many of the PC’s I spoke with as a huge diss.

    Friends who live on a main street in the east valley removed their Munsil yard sign after the McCain endorsement, saying they felt “betrayed.”

  27. nightcrawler says

    Len Munsil is a decent man with a long and distinguished conservative record . He certainly did not deserve that treatment. I can’t believe that a simple McCain endorsement would change Republican minds so much so as to throw the election to the Democrats. Who are these scholars ?

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