Napolitano’s embarassing remarks to the Brookings Institute

explaining the border

“One of the things that we need to be sensitive to is the very real feelings among southern border states and in Mexico that if things are being done on the Mexican border, they should also be done on the Canadian border.”

In other words, conditions on the Canadian border are just like those on the Mexican border.

Of course due to Mexico’s destabilization, Phoenix is now the kidnapping capitol of the world.  In 2008 there were a total of 7,000 civilian deaths in Iraq and the number is declining while in Mexico last year there were 6,000 deaths and the number is skyrocketing.

But in the mind of Janet, we must respect the feelings of Mexico and treat Canada as if it too were in the grips of a lawless civil war.

Napolitano,  former governor spent her life in New Mexico and Arizona, and acknowledges she’s “never actually spent much time on the Canadian border,” but sure hopes to visit. Until then, she’s commissioned a study.

How much will that cost?  I’ll tell you what, I’ll save the taxpayer the expense and tell you what Janet’s “study” will find:  Canada ships food, technology and finished lumber products; Mexico ships, well, impoverished labor, crime, and oh yeah, drugs.

Canada hunts down terrorists and, Mexico provides refuge to, well, everyone.  Canada wants freer trade with the U.S. and, well, Mexico is engaging in an escalating tariff war with the U.S.  [The country has raised tariffs on over 90 products because we won’t let their crappy trucks free access on US interstates.  Not to mention that Mexico prohibits US truckers from anywhere in Mexico other than the Border Zone.]

So just exactly what is it that convinces Ms. Napolitano the two borders deserve equal treatment?


  1. That’s right and we need to crack down on those Canadian street gangs too! And how about those Canadians marching down our avenues shaking their fists in our face telling us how to run our country?

    Nappy’s right. I often lay awake at night worrying about conditions on Mexico’s southern border.

  2. I understand that Canadian Gold is high quality.

  3. Nameless says

    Canada has an extremely liberal immigration policy for young tech people, probably to shore up their socialism. That also means “Canadian citizens” is a pretty useless term.

    On the drug issue, just ask any local teenager with baggy pats about high-quality hydroponic pot and you’ll find out it’s probably imported from Canada. Hence Ron’s comment about Canadian Gold.

    So Janet’s talking about not racism and law enforcement, but the accusation of racism and law enforcement. Oh, how polite of her. And when you find out the racial makeup of the “Canadians” sneaking drugs into the US, let’s get reports on how many of them are non-white.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    There’s a key difference that’s being missed I suspect: 6,000 civilians killed in Mexico last year in civil violence. And how many Canadians?

  5. Here comes the Mexican stuff.
    The video is titled “Drug Hauling for Dummies”.

  6. Phillip Manscotti says

    Someone should investigate some of the Napolitano appointees to Homeland. One in particular is a low-life Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Tucson DEA. He has treated people under his supervision so babdly, that the only place he has a chance of getting a job at Homeland is with those people of the same ilk. Check it out, he is being investigated by OPR and now is a target of EEO investigations. This is the type of person who we send to Congress for confirmation to high-vel positions these days?

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