Napolitano Using Public Schools to Get Elected


Espresso Pundit blogged on this first but I will confirm it here on Sonoran Alliance.

Last week, my nine-year-old daugther brought a corporately-funded book home from school called The Unbreakable Code. This is a beautifully-illustrated book about the Navajo people and how they contributed in a special way to the effort during World War II.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the book and smack-dab on the inside cover is a photo of Governor Napolitano handing the book to a small child. Above the photo is a signed letter to the student.


For the politically unsaavy parent, this is meant to make them feel all warm and fuzzy about the status of education in Arizona. (Nevermind the fact, Arizona is ranked dumbest in the country.)

Political referees ought to be calling foul over this stunt. The book was handed out during the 30-day window that early voting takes place and it clear that the Napolitano campaign issued the book at this time.

Imagine if this had been a Republican governor who had put the book out. After getting past the first obstacle of fighting the Arizona Education Association’s opposition to release the book, the Democratic party would be demanding clean elections money to offset the gubernatorial promotional piece.

No, it is not fair to the Munsil campaign. The Napolitano campaign has violated the spirit of the Clean Elections but will likely get away with it.

Maybe Terry Goddard will send a personally-endorsed book home this week teaching children the dangers of child predators?


  1. Is that a man in the picture?????

  2. Seriously,

    This proves two things:

    1. Janet’s handlers are sleeze

    2. AZ is really the dumbest state in the union if the electorate actually votes for this fraud. It proves how lazy our citizens really are!!!

    I call AZ the Mississippi of the SW for this reason!!!

    Munsil, if he has balls, should pounce all over this….

  3. redcardphreek says

    Not much different then Jan Brewer plastering her mug all over those remember to bring your ID commercials?

  4. Check and see if there is a tag or something on the shoe that tells you how to clean them. Probably the best way is to just wash them by hand or you might contact the company and ask them what they say is the best way to clean them other than by hand.


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