Napolitano staying on as governor until the last minute…what is she covering up?

Everyone thinks it’s really strange that Governor Napolitano says she’s staying on as governor until mid-January or so, considering she’s going to need a lot of time working with the transition team for the incoming Obama administration. She’s a lame-duck at this point, why would the Republican legislature want to waste their time with her now when incoming Republican governor Brewer is the one who will be signing their bills next year? They don’t. And that’s not why Napolitano is sticking around.

The answer is that there are a few things Napolitano wants taken care of before she leaves. What could those be? The most obvious one is moving her pet political employees around so they’re not in danger of losing their jobs when Brewer takes over. Brewer has a reputation for cost-cutting (thank goodness) and has no qualms about axing extra government waste. Napolitano has over 100 employees in her executive office which she needs to find jobs for before Brewer takes over.

What else is she trying to hide? Disguising her pet projects so they’re more difficult to cut? Wheeling and dealing with particular people to ensure that her goals are carried out?

Napolitano needs to be honest and resign now. If not, the incoming Brewer administration should do a thorough search of the actions that have been taken between now and when Brewer takes office. There is something fishy in the air.


  1. Say what? Under that logic, why doesn’t Bush resign and let Obama move into the White House now? Brewer announced her transition team, let’s give them a chance to get up to speed. I am quite sure Jane Hull would have preferred some transition before she took office after Symington’s resignation. If Napolitano wanted to set a trap, it would be to resign immediately and dump the whole mess in Brewer’s lap!

    p.s. If you think Janet is spending any significant time worrying about what happens to her staff, you have another think coming. They are all big boys and girls and can take care of themselves.

  2. Thanks for the response, Bill (or should I say Napolitano hack). President is a bit different from Governor. I’m sure Brewer would PREFER to have a handle on the governorship NOW, wouldn’t you agree? Just like Obama is getting all the media attention now instead of Bush, even though he hasn’t taken office yet. Let’s be realistic.

    That’s nice that you think that Nappy’s left wing unnecessary political appointees can take care of themselves, but let’s see, looking at HISTORY, like you Dems prefer not to, we can see that when political administrations change, REPUBLICAN administrations are more likely to clean house and eliminate extra bureaucratic waste. Please Jan, do. The state is in a fiscal crisis from all the spending, we need to cut costs, and the bloated Executive branch is one clear area.

  3. Pat. Do you have to be the poster child for typical GOP unsportsmanlike conduct? Geez Louise. Why are you so angry. Do you live in LD-11?

    Calling “Bill” a Napolitano hack, “you Dem”, etc. is so cliche for what’s so, so, so wrong with our GOP. If someone disagrees with you why do you have to start the liberal, left this or that name-calling immediately.

    I hope the Lord himself shakes the big bad skeletons out of the GOP closets. Woe be to the ones who always cast the stones. Calling people names won’t erase your past.

    Learn to argue with your big-boy words. Pull-up your granny pants and put a cork in it – there is a blog out there for your kind. Follow the red-brick road.

  4. Lighten up Pat, Janet doesn’t give a damn about the employees who work for her. Don’t kid yourself. She only cares about her own self interest. She may be holding on to try to hide something, but it has nothing to do about saving the jobs of those who work for her. She doesn’t care what happens to them, or us.

  5. Pat seems to have a very odd faith – the belief that Republican administrations cut costs and waste – I’m having a hard time thinking of one example.

  6. This is a stupid post to put up. First of all, no one resigns one job before they have another one in hand…and Napolitano won’t be confirmed for some time. Second, the Brewer team is not ready to deal with day to day governance yet, much less a special session. Third, if there is something “fishy” going on, the incoming administration or the GOP majorities in the Legislature have ample time (and power) to look into whatever this vague, innuendo-ridden post is inferring.

    Having said the above, as a Democrat I am still seething about Napolitano’s self-absorbed and untimely decision to leave us now. She will never get my vote again if she returns to this state as a candidate, which I sincerely hope she does not. I will vote for any primary opponent and/or throw a vote to a third party if she makes it to a general election. She is dead to me.

  7. What is the substance to this post??

    Sonoran Alliance is becoming a trashy blog that just posts gossip that has no basis whatsoever

    In case no one noticed Richardson did not step down in New Mexico, Clinton has not resigned her senate seat… I mean lets be real here.

    Also I have heard this confirmation may not occur to Feb or March, and it certainly won’t be mid-January, there are more important people to confirm like Clinton, Holder and Geithner before Napolitano has her hearing.

  8. Next up: Pat’s shocking expose on how Tower 7 was brought down by a controlled implosion.

  9. Arbitrary observer says

    You heard it on Sonoran Alliance first….my money is on some scandal that will be unearthed after Brewer takes office.

    Bill, your logic doesn’t quite work. The President is fulfilling his term. Napolitano is not. She is deciding to skip out of half her term in office to transfer to a different position. So it doesn’t make any difference whether she quits today, or in January when Obama takes office.

  10. She also has to be approved by Congress to take over this position which until January 21st, she cannot be considered. Makes sense that she’s staying until then and this Jan Brewer issue is even more of a reason why we need a Lieutenant Governor rather than having a Secretary of State step in – this wasn’t the position she was elected to and its going to make the state completely one sided rather than having political balance. I don’t want the Democrats getting everything through as much as I don’t want to Republicans doing the same – the best legislation comes out of fierce battles, not rubber stamps.

  11. I have no way to know what Napolitano is thinking by staying until confirmed, but I do have a guess which I think is much more probable than Pat’s suspicions or most of the others around here.

    If she leaves now, the Leg will have a special session and the Republicans will vote for drastic cuts in all sorts of areas including education. A new Brewer administration would most likely approve the majority of them at this point as she will be very green as governor.

    By waiting until February or March and vetoing whatever assorted bills they try to send her (can’t wait to see what they try), she buys time for Obama and Congress to pass what will most likely be one of the first things they do which is a some type bailout for state governments. Since all states but Vermont have some requirement to have a balanced budget (although the definition of this varies) all are being hit hard by the ongoing downturn and are going to have to make cuts in services at a time when they are most needed.

    While this still leaves Republicans in complete control once she leaves, if the shortfalls have been reduced or eliminated by federal spending or grants, this takes much of the wind out of the sails of the most ideological Republicans who want to make big cuts regardless of the budget situation. Since other Republicans are more pragmatic (or are RINOs as people around here say) it will be harder to get the votes for huge cuts some would like and also decrease the chance Brewer would agree to them as cuts that are not seen as necessary will hurt her in a 2010 run.

    Napolitano can then leave claiming to have lobbied hard to get help to states and stave off the worst of the potential cuts and then point to all the crazy bills the GOP sent her instead of focusing on “the state’s real problems.”

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