Napolitano: Race pandering instead of closing border to swine flu

Wonder why the Obama admnistration declared the swine flu epidemic an emergency after only one case had been reported in the U.S.? A few days ago, the Center for Disease Control declared the swine flu epidemic a “public health emergency” comparable to the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1917/18 that killed close to 5% of the population worldwide. It’s because if the government declared it a lesser threat in the U.S., we’d have to proactively take more steps to protect ourselves, like close the border to Mexico completely and put armed troops there. Napolitano and the Obama administration care more about looking politically correct on race than protecting the country from a security threat.

Mexico is reporting 1,995 cases of swine flu and 152 deaths. In contrast, the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. is only at 52, with no deaths. Virtually ever case so far can be traced to Mexico. Most likely, there are many more cases in Mexico that we are unaware of. Their death rate is 11.5% of those affected based on the numbers we have. This is frightening. It is appalling that Napolitano and the Obama administration are not shutting down the border.

We’re hearing nothing from the Mexico government about preventing the spread of swine flu. Europe has issued a travel advisory warning Europeans not to travel to Mexico OR THE U.S. The Europeans realize what’s happening with our politically correct policy – soon we’re going to be in the same boat as Mexico as the flu crosses the border into the U.S., bringing us to epidemic levels too.

How much is the Obama administration’s politically correct response to this epidemic costing the U.S. in tourist dollars? Apparently they’d rather have Mexicans possibly infected with swine flu illegally sneak across the border rather than legitimate business travelers from countries not affected by the outbreak.

According to yesterday’s Yellow Sheet, Napolitano dismissed closing the border –

She says identifying and isolating those who seem ill as they try to cross was an adequate strategy given the circumstances.

“We’re already doing passive surveillance at the border,” Napolitano said. “You would close the border if you thought you could contain the spread of disease, but the disease is already in a number of U.S. states.”

Those infected with swine flu might not show symptoms for a few days, prompting Napolitano to say border closure is “a very difficult judgment to make.”

The CDC said the only action it would begin taking at the border would be “passive” –

The acting head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that American authorities were starting to undertake “passive screening” at its borders. Richard Besser declared anew the Obama administration’s call for people to stay calm and take precautions, and he said border officials would start “asking people about fever and illness, looking for people who are ill.”

At this time, the United States is not conducting enhanced entry screening of passengers arriving from Mexico, nor is the United States conducting exit screening of passengers departing for Mexico.

If this was taking place under the Bush administration, you’d be hearing cries of another mishandled Katrina.

We’re hoping that Congress gets some sense and closes the border. A few members of Congress need to take the lead, stand up and demand that the border be closed. The number of those affected keeps increasing every day, and contrary to Napolitano’s politically correct statements, it’s not too late to contain it within Mexico. We don’t need another one of Napolitano’s gaffes to cost thousands of Americans their lives.


  1. Rather the a decision based on “race pandering” is it perhaps the rather more substantial economic hit that would happen if the border was “closed.”

  2. Besides the economic crush the US would experience, it would do nothing but cause more panic and fear and take the nation’s eye off the real problem- fixing the crappy economy.
    0 people have died. 36,000 people a year die from the normal flu. It’s already in New York and other states so there is no stopping it.
    Closing the border is not an impossible suggestion, and its just dumb to suggest that it’s race pandering no matter how bad we all distain Nappy.

  3. Reagan Coalition says

    So you’d rather make sure a few business owners get their cheap labor, than prevent another flu epidemic that the government itself is already comparing to the Spanish flu epidemic which killed millions? Nice. Defend Democrats at all costs. How sad.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    This bug is still running a 7% mortality rate in Mexico. If this holds, we can expect about 3-5 deaths here before the weekend.

    I should note, that from all the reading Veritas is doing on this, our government is about as prepared as it can get. We can thank Katrina and the Bird-Flu of a few years ago – AND the Bush Administration for being able to recognize how messed up FEMA was and begin to organize our response capability.

    Should this bug sweep the world and maintain its 7% mortality rate, the US being spared the brunt of that will go down in the books as the Bush Administration’s finest accomplishment.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Unlike the Democrats who, when presented with the facts of an housing mortgage meltdown, ignored all common sense and the warnings as the previous video I posted shows.

    Good thing the Administration was able to proceed on disaster planning and vaccine stockpiling.

  6. Reagan Coalition – Actually i was talking about the legal trade economy between Mexico and the US and was not talking about illegal immigration. Funny that you took it that way, i think that says quite a bit about the blinders you have on.

  7. “This bug is still running a 7% mortality rate in Mexico.”

    Yes. In Mexico. If our heathcare infrastructure was like Mexico’s, if we had massive shantytowns built on and around landfills, and if our food and water was down to Mexican standards… we might see a mortality rate like that. What’s more important is the infection rate, which is pretty small in Mexico city and infintesimally small in the US. A nation of 350 million people has, what, 100 infected?

    If this outbreak is quashed and contained, as appears to be happening, it’s because the Obama administration didn’t panic, and followed a sensible plan laid out by non-partisan government beaureaucrats and coordination with international agencies.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Klute, that’s what I said, “in Mexico”

    This is your slight of hand, or just plain ignorance;

    “… it’s because the Obama administration didn’t panic, and followed a sensible plan laid out by non-partisan government beaureaucrats and coordination with international agencies.”

    Neither the Obamanation or his crony administration had anything, repeat for effect, anything to do with this country being prepared for this emergency.

    As for those “non-partisan” bureaucrats (and that’s how its spelled), they were acting under the direction of a Bush Cabinet.

    And before anyone says it, Bush wouldn’t have taken the extraordinary measures he did if it hadn’t been for the Avian Flu scare AND the lessons learned from Katrina. But lessons taken and learned they were, and this country is as prepared as can be possible.

    Obama had zip to do with it. He’s too busy scaring the he** out of the folks in NYC for the sake of his over-blown ego.

  9. noha goddered says


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