Napolitano Mourns RINO Loses

The East Valley Tribune reinforces what conservatives have been saying for several years. That is, Governor Napolitano loves her liberal Republicans in the Legislature.

Tuesday’s losses by prominent RINO’s Tom O’Halleran and Pete Hershberger retired two allies of Napolitano leaving only one RINO in the Senate – Carolyn Allen – to carry the Governor’s water.

In one of those moments in which the antagonist pulls the mask off of their face, Pete Hershberger revealed, “A low voter turnout primary is the curse of moderate Republicans, in this state and all across the nation.” Throughout the Primary Election, Hershberger attempted to fool the voters in his district that he was the true conservative. (Remember the yellow signs?) Fortunately, the voters saw right through it. 

Although these loses will further strengthen conservatives in the legislature, don’t think for one minute that the election of conservatives will be a cake walk in the General Election.

We anticipate that Napolitano and her liberal political action committees will do everything in their power to thwart conservative efforts to strengthen the legislature.

At the top of the list will be Speaker of the House Jim Weiers who faces a challenge by Democrats, in particular, Jackie Thrasher.

Other races in the Senate that will be heavily targeted include:

  • Jack Harper – LD4 Senate
  • Sylvia Allen – LD5 Senate
  • Linda Gray – LD10 Senate
  • Barbara Leff – LD11 Senate
  • John Nelson – LD12 Senate
  • Russell Pearce – LD18 Senate
  • John Huppenthal – LD20 Senate
  • Al Melvin – LD26 Senate
  • Jonathan Paton – LD30 Senate



  1. Hershberger can whine all he wants about low turnout in Pima County (20%, equal to the state average in this primary). In Yavapai County, where Pierce beat O’Halleran, the turnout was 35%.

    And guess what, there’s a huge number of independents in Yavapai, and they just don’t vote in primaries on a large scale, so turnout among R’s and D’s was actually much higher.

    Pierce won by 6%.

  2. The turnout in Yavapai County was over 50% it is posted on the SOS website. No “low turnout whining” up in the home of Bucky O’Neill.

  3. Correct, John. The 50% number is turnout among R’s only. My figure of 35% is based on total voter registration found on this chart:

    It’s only important because I took Hershberger’s comment to mean he thought he’d do better if turnout was higher among independents as well as R’s. We have open primaries and the turnout is still “low” and that’s what’s frustrating him, I suspect.

  4. Did any moderates in contested primaries win re-election on Tuesday?

  5. I think it is a real problem when moderates pretend to be something they are not. Stand for who you are and let voters make a choice. Hershberger’s campaign was cynical and insulting in that respect. That said, he probably wouldn’t win anyway, but if it were me, I would rather go out with integrity about what I stood for and let the chips fall where they may.

  6. Two years ago the MCRC changed its mission from:

    The Mission of the Maricopa County Republican Committee is to elect republican candidates.


    The Mission of the Maricopa County Republican Committee is to elect republican candidates WHO SUPPORT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM.

    “Luck is the residue of diligence”

  7. I’ll ask again: Did any moderates in contested primaries win on Tuesday?

  8. So…any Republican who thinks preventing “climate change” is crap will not get the support of the county party? Be careful what you wish for:

  9. Maybe McComish survived, Frank. Too close to call yet. Moderate but also House Leadership.

  10. Frank, do you consider Blendu a moderate? Either relatively or absolutely? I’ve always thought of him as pretty conservative and he lost.

  11. I always thought “moderate” was code for pro-choice. Isn’t McComish pro-life?

  12. Yes, “moderate” is a warm and fuzzy word for RINO or pro-abort.

    McComish is pro-life and has supported pro-life legislation.

    Blendu is right of center – not hard-core conservative but he is an SOB to work with and he probably rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

  13. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the Hershberger home. I bet he was very surprised. He probably thought his name was all he needed, eventhought he voted for the 250 million dollar Property Tax increase and received low scores from the Property Tax Group. I think his mailers were so rude and full of incorrect information that it worked against him.

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