Napolitano flak and ACLU attorney Tim Nelson announces candidacy for county attorney

The Arizona Republic reports that far left Democrat and partisan flak Tim Nelson (“ACLU Tim”) has formally announced he will be running against popular incumbent Republican Andrew Thomas for Maricopa County Attorney. ACLU Tim held a press conference Thursday attacking Thomas on several fronts. He accused him of promoting himself through his Stop DUI billboards. He conveniently omitted mentioning the billboards that his boss, Governor Napolitano, used to promote herself and put her photo on, which cost taxpayers $150,000. Or any of the many other ways she’s promoted herself as governor.

Governor Napolitano promoting herself at taxpayer expense

ACLU Tim said that he would occasionally enforce Arizona’s human smuggling law against illegal immigrants, such as if he needed them to testify against smugglers. Sounds like selective prosecution to me. In contrast, the article reports about Thomas,

Thomas ran his first campaign on an anti-illegal immigration platform and kept his promises by helping draft, and then enforcing, immigration legislation.

ACLU Tim said that under Thomas, the county attorney’s office fails to obtain convictions on almost 1/3 of cases that go to trial. Fortunately, the reporter covering this wasn’t lazy, and asked the county attorney’s office spokesperson Barnett Lotstein for actual statistics.

Lotstein says that the overall conviction rate has remained at about 93 percent and that the office actually wins about 80 percent of trials despite an increase in the number of cases that go to trial.

Lotstein also pointed out ACLU Tim’s lack of criminal prosecution experience, having been a civil attorney and political flak for his entire career,

He’s a civil lawyer, and the hand-picked candidate of the governor who wishes to have someone who is not quite as independent as Andy Thomas in this office.

It comes down to this: do you trust the statistics from an ACLU attorney who got them from criminal defense attorneys, or the prosecutor’s office which has toughened up crime laws and plea policies? Crime rates have finally started going down around the Valley, Thomas is obviously doing something right. Why replace him with an ACLU soft-on-crime wannabe prosecutor who will return crime levels to their prior level.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Even though law enforcement officers at any level have to fight the media’s empathy for the ‘poor, misunderstood, misapprehended’,ad nauseum against them, the ones in Maricopa County, the Attorney and the Sheriff, still have the people who like law and order on their side. Another four years might tip the balance against them..BECAUSE of the great job they are doing.

    If you have ever known a friend, distant relative or co-worker who had a bout with lawlessness, you will be inclined to believe the face you know and agree the charge was ‘trumped up’, they were ‘wrongfully charged’ or ‘a case of mistaken identity’. This is the exact reason the man we all liked and admired was able to get away with viciously murdering his estranged wife and her boyfriend. He had a jury of his admiring ‘peers’.

    I would hazard a guess that no upstanding, law-enforcing law officer can get re-elected more than 3 times in the same jurisdiction. It is amazing that we enforce any laws at all, especially in the tolerant, emotional sophistry that plays forever in our songs, our movies, our shows and books, not to mention the slop the news people put forth as ‘news’.

    So God Bless Andy Thomas and Sheriff Joe who must both know that their days in office will eventually be numbered because they are doing such outstanding jobs. We can only hope they will go on to better things in their illustrious futures.

  2. Jerry Mallory says

    In response to Iris Lynch:

    Regarding the disdain for tolerance expressed in this odd message, a brief study of history would reveal
    the results of intolerance as you seem to find so offensive. Perhaps you would be happy living in Germany
    in the period preceding and during WWII. Perhaps your xenophobia is less emotional than the sophists you
    refer to, I would like to hear more from you about that. Perhaps you would like all art and literature to
    conform to your standards. What do you want to hear?

  3. To be honest, I don\’t understand most of the issue. Can you clarify more? Thank you.

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