Napolitano Does Jesse Kelly

No, not that Napolitano!

Here is a recent interview in which Fox New’s Judge Andrew Napolitano interviewed Congressional candidate Jesse Kelly on his internet-based show “Freedom Watch.”


  1. Wow…..I saw the whole interview (this is only the first part) and Jesse Kelly is really starting to show his salt. He will be the one to take down Giffords. She has seemed worried and now I can see why.

  2. I watched the show live and I was impressed with Jesse Kelly. Finally, a Republican with not only moxy, but who believes in liberty, the Constitutional Repubic and limited government. I like it!

  3. Excuse the cynicism but ALL GOPPER candidates look and sound good while running for election!

    But the reality check takes place in January when, or if, they take office!

    And frankly, their track record is quite a bit beneath their rhetoric!

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