Napolitano acting as Homeland Security for MEXICO, not U.S.

This one’s going to develop into a scandal.  The Republic reported today that Janet Napolitano is “redeploying” 360 U.S. border agents from their jobs protecting American interests so that they can now devote their time inspecting vehicles travelling into Mexico.

Readers no doubt remember that Napolitano earned a reputation while Governor of Arizona for her “can-do nothing” attitude on border security, vetoing numerous bills.  But now we find out that she really does care about border security, only it’s Mexico’s border security.

You may wonder why it is the U.S. government’s responsibility to protect Mexico from border traffic, especially since the Mexican government does nothing to deter the influx of illegal alien traffic from Mexico.  Actually, to the extent it does anything, Mexico ENCOURAGES illegal aliens to come here! If American border security is America’s problem, as Mexico has long contended, why is Mexican border security now America’s problem too?

According to Napolitano, “there is shared responsibility (on border security) going both ways.”  Is she crazy?  What, if anything, has Mexico done to share this responsibility?

You also might wonder what important jobs these U.S. agents have been diverted from?  Tracking terrorists?  Hunting down illegal aliens who also commit violent crime in the U.S.?  Enforcement of rules prohibiting illegal aliens from working in the U.S., thereby protecting jobs for citizens and legal residents?


  1. Really Chewie?

    Did you read the article? Are you saying that the US has no interest at all in drug interdiction and helping Mexico deal with it? There is no scandal and there won’t be.

    I don’t like Napolitano any more than most readers of this site do – she is a liberal hack. But I can’t help but wonder if this was just an excuse to put the gay janet flag up again.

  2. From the article:

    “The increased inspections resulted in a doubling of the amount of drug money and a tripling of the amount of firearms seized in May compared with a year earlier, Napolitano said. There also has been a 50 percent increase in the amount of drugs seized.”

  3. Todd and Mark fail to answer the question–why is it the responsibility of the AMERICAN government to protect the Mexican border when clearly the Mexican government feels no responsibility to protect the American border?

    And while it’s great that they’ve intercepted drugs, etc., in a time of extremely limited resources, why should critical agents be diverted from important jobs protecting Americans to protecting Mexico?! And what has seeped into the U.S. because our agents were busy worrying about Mexico? Terrorists? Weapons of mass destruction?

  4. That’s the right attitude BDMoney. Show those Mexicans who means business. Ignore the fact that we share a border with them. Ignore the fact that they can barely police their own country much less the borders. Ignore the fact that these drug dealers are operating in our country. Tell the Mexicans that if they don’t start protecting the border – we will walk. I’m sure we can make the same deal with the Pakistanis, the Afghans, and any number of other failing governments.

  5. Kenny Jacobs says

    Gosh BDMoney, let me try. Let’s see, with the additional support we can catch CRIMINALS! Guess what, BDM? Criminals can go south with one contraband and come north with another.

    Chewie, I’ve commented on your posts in the past, you haven’t improved. The use of the flag background just points out the juvenile color to many of your opinions. At least consistency is a virtue.

    Quick poll question, SA readers: if a county sheriff can divert county resources to do federal responsibilities, can a Federal Secretary divert federal resources (border agents) to do a federal job (border security)?

  6. Put the lotion in the basket says

    You’d have to be a moron to believe a word Janet says, but point is why should we divert people from the job of catching bad guys coming into the U.S. so that they can catch bad guys going into Mexico?

    That makes no sense, Mexico should do that.

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