Why offer solutions to the state’s budget mess when you can offer gimmicks

The proposal [statewide deployment of photo radar], submitted to the Legislature late Friday, anticipates $120 million in revenue the first year, including $90 million in net income after expenses from the statewide effort. Even bigger dollar amounts are expected in future years.

…”It wasn’t designated primarily for revenue generation but since we have it (and) it works, we want to move statewide,” Napolitano said. “We made that decision before the whole budget issue arose. Now we take advantage of it and use it for law enforcement highway safety purposes.”

Law enforcement should be used to enforce the law, not raise revenue.  This is eerily reminscent of the feudal times when kings used the sheriff to collect taxes (think Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham).


  1. Buddy Breon says

    The budget solution is easy.

    Increase the number of photo radar sets by 10 times and you can raise $900,000,000 to balance this year’s budget. Of course for next fiscal year the governor will need to increase it another 4 times, but what does it matter. Given enough photo radar set-ups, we can do away with sales taxes, income taxes, even property taxes.

    All we need is to use photo radar.

    Of course, we taxed tobacco and became dependent on the money from it. Now, because of costs, use of tobacco is dropping, reducing our revenue. Maybe photo radar revenues will also drop, which would defeat her plan completely.

    Gimmicks instead of solutions. Nice try, Janet.

  2. Ah yes! But as the revenues from the photo radar goes down, one can then possibly link the cause of that downturn to the fact that people are actually obeying the posted speed limits. Hence the whole purpose of the photo radar to begin with, adherance to the laws through intimidation.

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