My Turn: Jim O’Connor Practices Unfair, Unethical Elections

By Gayla Coletto

I’m a member of LD23, a state committeemen, treasurer, state delegate, national delegate, Precinct Committeeman and a trusted citizen who has volunteered for many jobs including being on the credentials teams at all LD23 elections as well as at the county and state elections.

I have seen and witnessed the collection (harvesting) of proxies by many including the chairman. The GOP pushed a bill through to stop the democrats from harvesting ballots yet at our elections they harvest proxies giving the person who collects them unethical voting power. With 119 people on a list approved and distributed by the Chairman Jim O’Connor who he himself brought in 9 proxies.

The unfair practice at LD23 by a chairman who distributes a list to new and old PC’s of who to vote for has resulted in an unfair election punishing anyone who Jim O’Connor can’t control.

Because of his unethical practices many hard working committeemen have left the LD. If this practice continues it will destroy the GOP from the bottom up.

Jim O’Connor must answer to these allegations for the sake of the party and our country. This corruptions must stop and a new election for state committeemen must take place before the state election next month.


  1. Sheila Muehling says

    Thank you Gayla. This is 100% truth and it is time that everyone knows it.

  2. Yet O’Connor is reported as saying the following in the MCRC Briefs. Just another politician saying one thing but doing another. It never changes I guess.

    “O’Connor: ‘Are you sick of watching our party suffer declining participation? We now have only half the PCs we should. Many are ghost-PCs, names on proxies, wielded at our meetings by party power brokers. Instead of energizing, our meetings are demoralizing. We committeemen know we have little real power left. Some of our representatives even push National Popular Vote, Common Core, and other leftist agendas because it’s more beneficial to them than representing the views of their own party’s members. As State Committeemen we aren’t powerless yet! On January 28th we can vote! Don’t sign a proxy! Come to our Statutory Meeting in person. Move the power from the backroom to your living room. Use your voice to elect Jim O’Connor as party chairman.'”

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