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My New Year’s List of Folks Who Never Would Be Missed

My New Year’s List of Folks Who Never Would Be Missed

By Emil Franzi

  • All the Tea Party constitutionalists who opined on talk radio that Gingrich and Cain would have made a great GOP ticket missing the constitutional provision that the President and Vice President must come from different states.
  • Self-righteous and indignant Arizona Democrats who defend Independent Redistricting Commission Chair Colleen Mathis as a persecuted unpaid volunteer dedicated to justice and fairness. A cursory glance at her actions clearly indicates she was a Democrat shill wired from day one who stacked the deck and still takes text messages her Democrat husband and others send from the back of the meetings. Any competent political reporter not in the bag for the Dems would’ve noticed and reported that by now.
  • Lazy and inept Arizona Republicans who blithely ignored the giant sandbag that Dems had constructed for them on the supposedly “independent” commission and believed the game was on the level.
  • A spineless Governor who once waffled and froze over signing SB1070 finally succumbing to the obvious and acquiring an unearned reputation for courage much like Mrs. Mathis. Neither are exactly Joan of Arc. Mrs. Dithers was finally convinced to “do something” about the hijacked IRC and bounced Mathis. Cluelessness followed capped by the single page Hail Mary letter she threw the Supreme Court and her hasty retreat to the showers after the interception.
  • Libertarians and Paulistas who attempt to redefine a movement they were never part of by trashing conservatives for being conservatives and not libertarians.
  • Conservatives and Tea Party types who try to read other conservatives out of the movement for deviations from them. Conservatism has always been a big tent and included big government types. Somebody had to write the Alien and Sedition Laws. Want Hamilton and Adams airbrushed out of the portraits of the Founders? Edit Hamilton’s portions out of THE FEDERALIST?
  • Romney supporters who keep telling me “he’s the inevitable GOP nominee.” Not being Buddhist, Marxist or Calvinist, I never bought anything being inevitable and his supporters do him no favor by claiming it.
  • Romney detractors who claim he’s too liberal and then cite Reagan as a standard. Governor Reagan was to the left of this GOP field including Huntsman.
  • Liberals who whine about educational funding and claim concern for children when their actual concern is the payrolls of their political and union allies some of whom on occasion are actually involved with a schoolchild. When these frauds tell you we need more money “for the childen” note that usually means paying another adult.
  • Conservatives who support corporate welfare whenever it’s for something they slobber over like stadium skyboxes.
  • Occupy folks who have yet to compute that the money they’ll never be able to pay off for that Art History degree wasn’t just a scam by the banks. They ignore the bloated university staffs who collected it and the pols who enabled them by changing the bankruptcy laws.
  • Finally the hypocrisy and arrogant narcissism of Congressman Paul who sanctimoniously claims high integrity, but cops out on the repulsive racist and other bilge printed under his name and from which he profited, by claiming it was done by “ghost writers” and that “he never read it”. That makes him not only totally irresponsible and easily manipulated, but worse a fraud who sees nothing wrong in falsely claiming the thoughts of others as his own. Paul also needs to explain why he “stands on principle” in refusing to support any of the other GOP candidates for President while as a House member he has consistently supported the choice of the GOP caucus for Speaker including Newt Gingrich. Perhaps for the massive earmarks he brings to his Texas district?


  1. Well, Emil, you’ve proved you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. Tiny Elvis says

    Well, David, some would disagree. Most of “Emil’s” points were pretty darned accurate.

    But thanks for help illustrating the 6th bullet point.

  3. Christopher Jacoby says

    Very nice, Emil. It’s nice to see someone take a thoughtful stance on these points. Many people don’t realize that Reagan was, by today’s standards, quite the moderate (note that he raised taxes 11 times during his terms as president).

  4. Right, and George Washington chopped down the cherry tree but gets credit for telling the truth about it.

  5. Earmarks? Really? You think 0.5% of the federal budget is the be-all end-all of spending? How about a proposal to reduce federal spending $1 trillion in the first year?


    As far as the fated Republican nominee being Mitt Romney you are absolutely right. Hard work and free will should never be dismissed or blithely ignored. I think you could even get Romney to agree with that!


  6. Newt Gingrich is a resident of Virginia.

    • Emil Franzi says

      Mea culpa! You get to move around or else Sam Houston wouldn’t have been governor of two states. Thank you Johns, but after saying it for a month on talk radio and elsewhere you’re the first person to notice! EF

      • Well, Mr. Franzi.. You can go back into the edit and remove it, updated.
        We came to AZ from Virginia so I’ve been scratching my head wondering what you were getting at.

  7. Newt now lives in Virginia, he was my Congressman when I lived in the Atlanta area.

    Emil, I agree with you, some need to get a grip, but I too think Gingrich/Cain would be unbeatable.

  8. Nothing in the Constitution bars presidential and vice-presidential from the same states from running, being elected or holding office together; it only bars electors from their home state from voting for both of them.

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