Munsil endorsed by one of the Keating Five.

Keating.gif      Amnesty advocate John McCain has officially endorsed Len Munsil for Governor. McCain was last seen severely restricting political speech (incumbency protection) and trying to prohibit the right of law-abiding citizens to buy or sell a firearm.

     Rumors have circulated for a while that Munsil was chummy with McCain. I guess the speculation was correct.

     My personal opinion is that this will drive more voters to Goldwater than it brings to Len. I guess we will find out soon.

Wednesday 9-6-06, 6:05 pm


  1. So Goldwater is chummy with Carolyn Allen? An endorsement is simply that: McCain is saying that in his opinion, Len Munsil is a better candidate than Don Goldwater.

    But no, there needs to be a conspiracy behind everything for you guys. Obviously McCain’s endorsement means Munsil has abandoned all his deeply held convictions that he has fought for for 20 years. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

  2. Yawn. We were expecting this anyway. Now if Jim Kolbe or Grant Woods had endorsed Munsil, that would be smell bad.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Sorry we got sidetracked on conspiracy theories.

    From a political point of view I don’t think the endorsement helps much and may actually hurt. Len was starting to sound tough on the border and then Senator Amnesty endorses him. I know a lot of Republicans who think McCain is the enemy.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Yikes… Compare that to when Allen endorsed Goldwater and Shane gave us his “I told you so! A deal has been cut!” theory, which he defended without describing…

    This gets “Yawn” and “Aw shucks, no big deal”?

    Let’s argue, let’s debate, but let’s stay consistent so that our arguments and debates are based in core values and beliefs, rather than just having some drunken verbal brawl because “my guy rocks and your guy sucks” and therefore whatever my guy does is good and whatever your guy does is bad…

    McCain on the First Amendment? McCain on stem-cell research? McCain on the Federal Marriage Amendment? McCain on the border? and so on and so on…

    pssst… McCain likes Munsil, pass it on…

    No, seriously, please pass it on!

  5. McCain and Allen are worlds apart. Kolbe and McCain are worlds apart. Grant Woods and McCain, well, a little closer but still if you compare voting records of each McCain is still on our side of the fence although he does have one foot over… Maybe I was with Arizona Right to Life a little too long but I can still pick out a hardcore pro-abort.

    P.S. McCain did endorse Proposition 107 although he couldn’t connect the dots on the FMA.

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