Munger on Senate Approval of Sales Tax Referral

John Munger

For Immediate Release: February 2, 2010

(PHOENIX, AZ) February 2, 2010 – Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Munger released the following statement today:

I am disappointed the Senate has chosen to place Governor Brewer’s misguided sales tax increase proposal before the voters in May. Raising taxes in the midst of Arizona’s fiscal crisis and economic downturn will cost thousands of jobs and further delay Arizona’s recovery.

I and others have proposed many sound, non-tax alternatives for generating the revenue required to eliminate our budget deficit. The people of Arizona do not need and cannot afford another tax increase, especially when there are so many other, less damaging options available. I urge the House of Representatives to reject the disastrous course of action taken by the Senate, and instead consider these options.

If our Governor had shown real leadership a year ago, and taken productive steps to grow our economy like the ones I have proposed, Arizona would not be facing this financial crisis and our citizens would not be forced to consider a destructive tax increase to solve the state’s problems.


  1. Yah, right. says

    So the tax increase should have been done a year ago?

    That i agree with, otherwise, Munger is just blowing more stale hot air.

    Got a real plan, a plan that balances the budget as is, not marked to some whackjob fantasy?


    Then fail and go home.

    Join Vernon in running for CD3!

  2. Cactus Jack says

    It’s sad that Brewer has decided that this is the make-or-break piece of her surprisingly thin legislative agenda. There has been very little push for jobs and sustained growth from the 9th floor been over the past year.

    No real plans coming from Treasurer Dean, either – just like Goddard is seems. Just repeating that ‘the sky is falling’ is not a solution that Arizonans will accept.

    Munger’s soild ideas – as well as others – should be taken to heart by the Legislature. He’s presented immediate solutions and is also looking beyond the current crisis.

  3. There has been NO push for jobs by the governor, in fact, Brewer vetoed the Jobs bill the legislature sent her last summer.

    As important, she has proposed no real reform of the bureaucracy, no real cuts to the bureaucracy, she hasn’t even gotten around to appointing conservative Republican administrators in most agencies to replace the progressive socialists that Janer appointed. Overall, a dismal record.

  4. TucsonNative64 says

    Any tax increase will deter economic growth and job creation in both the short-run and the long-run, and potentially lead to lower tax revenues as well. The ideas proposed by John Munger will reduce or eliminate the deficit without destroying future prosperity.

    When did the Republican Party become the party of more taxes and more government? It is clear from the low poll numbers earned by Obama and Congressional Democrats that the people want fiscally responsible government; the GOP should work to provide such leadership.

    Bottom line, it is reckless to even consider a tax increase in times like these.

  5. Yah, right. says

    If cutting taxes worked ALONE to keep the economy humming, we should not have had the huge real estate crash? RIGHT?

    Um, so now that we don’t have all of those revenues that ALLOWED TAX CUTS YEAR AFTER YEAR, we have to raise taxes back to where they were before the FANTASY OF ETERNAL TAX CUTS ATE THE BRAINS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    I blame that idiot Grove Norquist.

    So now REPUBLICANS have to raise taxes, and tell the people the truth- we cut taxes too far, and we can’t run the minimal state we have on what we collect.

    But hey, the truth hurts, which has been the point of avoiding for over a YEAR-

    Can’t fault the Gov- she told the truth, that doing the right thing sometimes is painful.

    Suck it up fools.

  6. Fiscal Conserv Republican says

    I agree with the TucsonNative64 comment above about confusion over how the Republican Party is not supposed to be the party of more taxes and govt. Munger’s ideas seem more economically feasible than the desperate Janet-esque solutions that we have been hearing about so long that water boarding seems to be a respite.
    Shame on our Republican Senators – go to the library and check out a book about economics by Art Laffer. Sound advice if we want a better recovery.

  7. Fiscal Conserv Republican says

    yah right,
    If you think the greed and loose credit (thank you Bill Clinton appointees at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) of real estate speculators, developers and homeowners that caused the real estate debacle was a Republican economic driven disaster then you weren’t paying attention.
    Greed and delusional speculation. We had programs in place that would have reigned in all the inflationary practices but nobody then was willing to pull the stops.
    Now we all have to suck it up because of a bunch of greedy people. That’s the truth.

  8. viable/sustainable says

    Raising taxes will cost jobs…basic fact! Government employees/agencies cannot and should not be sacred cows. Cut costs, create private sector incentives and foster an atmosphere that promotes, not suppresses business growth. John’s ideas are a step in the right direction.

  9. Having listened to some of John’s proposals last night, I believe them to be some good ones. Cutting taxes is only half of the equation. If the state and federal government doesn’t get spending under control, no amount of tax cuts or raises will make a dent. Less spending and tax cuts are proven winners. Fiscal restraint and responsibility are what people should be looking at in candidates right now. Not dog and pony shows.

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