Mr. President, are you a role model?

The Senate version of the stimulus package was revealed to hold $75 million for smoking cessation programs. I’m not sure how stimulating to the economy that would be or how many sustainable jobs would be created, but I do have another idea that could offer the same result. And it is FREE!

While not exactly a secret that President Obama is a smoker, he does try to keep it under cover. Well, maybe it’s time for him to, as they say, man up. Save the country $75 mil and he can become our national smoking cessation program. Start with a public service announcement where he admits his addiction, announces his intent to stop smoking and to allow the media to record his progress. His efforts and strategies could be shared via a blog or Twitter. Hey, if he can do it under the pressures of being the leader of the free world, preserver of all that is good, and the holder of the keys to global security and climate…why can’t everyone? With the press treating him like every move he makes is unique and a wonder to behold, the media coverage of his progress would be more valuable than money could buy.

Come on Mr. President, save our taxpayers $75 million and be a real role model.


  1. kralmajales says

    Uh, while this is fun and I agree, the smoking cessation programs correlate directly with better health and less of us paying huge insurance and healthcare bills because of all the smokers raising our rates.

  2. So kral, are you saying it saves money now and later?

  3. President Obama has enough pressure on him right now with the U.S. and global economy imploding, without the added pressure of a publicized reality-television-type quitting attempt.

    Most people start smoking when they are very young, and it is addicting VERY quickly, in fact, is reported to be more addictive than heroin (I know–I smoke cigarettes and have tried–unsuccessfully–to quit several times). Obama too started smoking very young. I read that he went on Nicorette gum to quit year or so ago, but I think he fell off the wagon sometime thereafter. Obviously it would be best for his health if he quit, but at least he is not smoking in public [role model problem] and, unlike alcohol abuse, he certainly can do his job, even though he smokes cigarettes. Often it takes several attempts for someone to quit. Obama has indicated that he’s going to (try to) quit again.

  4. Iris Lynch says

    TRYING to do something isn’t an accomplishment. You will know when he has quit as he puts on a few pounds.

  5. I disagree with your assessment that the $75mill will have no impact on the economy. They will probably create ads in some media that will require marketing, film production, printing of some sort, etc.. People have to buy the drugs, some will see doctors, etc..

    I do like your idea of using Obama though. Some of the marketing costs could be cut, and it would show a positive influence on society with a future healthcare cost drop as @kralmajales mentioned.

    Of course, I would want the time impact to be minimal, but I imagine his staff can see to that.

    Good idea!

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