Mormon bashing from McCain camp.

McCain goes on air with his mom and has to end up saying “The views of my mothers are not necessarily the views of mine.” Then why did you do an appearance with her?


  1. If you haven’t seen the video, you HAVE to check it out!! The way she says the word Mormon, you’d almost think she was a KKK member saying the N word! And sorry grandma, you mean to say it and no apology will change it.

  2. the unfortunate thing is, i know my parents have embarrassed me with things they have said in public, on more than one occassion.
    thankfully I haven’t been running for office when they’ve said it.
    what we should be looking at is that his mom isn’t the one running for President.

  3. It sounded to me like a very matter of fact statement. Not bad or good, just what it is. If a problem existed in a group and someone who has a common denominator with that group fixes it…then is the cure because of the ability of the person or his relationship with, and respect of, the group?

    If, at 94, you can look that good and be so active as to be part of any debate beyond the flavor of jello for lunch…more power to you!

  4. Arizona Native says

    The Mormons have been bashing McCain for a long time. She just got fed up to the point of saying something that most of us want to say but are afraid to do so.

  5. Mr. Conservative says

    Hmmm… I was at Jeff Groscost’s funeral and McCain was not only there, he spoke in the LDS chapel. To say that “The Mormons have been bashing McCain for a long time” is a very general statement and doesn’t sound fair or correct to me( Sen. McCain & Jeff were grood friends ). That’s a blanket statement about a group and not everyone who’s a member of this group has done what you’ve changed. Take the word “Morman” and replace it with “Black”, “Jew” or how about “Mexican” and tell me if saying what “Arizona Native” wrote or what Sen. McCain’s mom said and tell me it passes the “smell test”.

  6. This incident lends credence to my theory that as people get older they go either wacky left or wacky right.

  7. Isn’t Russell Pearce one of them?

  8. VSP is so kind… Of course, since McCain has been using his Mom as a constant campaign prop since he began his “comeback” a couple of months ago, it is too convenient to be suddenly not at all responsible when she says these things.

    Is it a big deal? Nah, what difference does it make if he finished 4th, 5th or 6th? What does he do when he finishes behind Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee?

  9. I’m sorry, but this does not amount to Mormon bashing. The woman is 94 years old…cut her – and John – some slack. There are plenty of reasons to oppose McCain, but this is creating a controversy out of nothing.

  10. Mr. Conservative says


    Should we “cut” Sen. Byrd some “slack” for using the N-word*? What Roberta McCain did was a prime example of “Mormon Bashing”… the best part is that most of the people who were part of the problem with the S.L.O.C. were not Mormons and it was Mitt Romney who was brought in to fix all of the problems and straighten out the mess. This is bigotry ( see )plain and simple and no one should try to excuse it!

    *Sorry, had to do a slight edit. The N-word will have to suffice instead of actually spelling it out.

  11. Mr. Conservative –

    A few key differences:

    1) Sen. Byrd is an elected official. Roberta McCain is not.

    2) Robert Byrd was involved in racist actvity (i.e. recruiter for the KKK) for years. That is to say, Byrd has a history of bigotry. Roberta is 94, and I am not aware of any such pattern in her life. Very likely, she spoke as a 94 year old who was not fully aware what she was saying.

    No one is giving anyone a free pass…if you watch the video again, John denounced what she said. End of story.

    By the way, I believe in free speech, and for that very reason am opposed to McCain-Feingold. If you believe in free speech, how about you not jump all over a 94 year old who is not a representative of the McCain campaign.

    There is really no issue here.

  12. Come on, how many people have set up their friends, relatives etc. to use the predjudice card and bash someone. Huckabee has done it, McCain has done it. Get real, it is plain mormon bashing and anyone who supports it should be prosecuted as we are all guaranteed under the constitution the practice of our religion. Why would anyone in their right mind support someone who would deny anyone these rights as Huckabee and McCain have done. They preach that they are great americans but do not defend the constitution they want to defend. How could either of these men take the oath of office after they have so cheaply and arrogantly attacked a person’s faith and religion.

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