More Sad News – Austin Michael Martin

We are grieved to report that Treasurer Dean Martin’s son, Austin Michael Martin, has passed away. Please continue to pray for Dean and his family.


  1. George of the Desert says

    A remarkable and courageous moment. Dean is in my prayers.

  2. Dean is in my prayers…

  3. Gabe's Mom says

    Mr. Martin,
    To have that grace, to think of others, especially moms worried. Having been a worried high risk pregnancy mother, I cry for you, thank you for your incredible integrity, and the beautiful example of Christian fellowship. Only a strong soul would be given such a heavy trial. You are a beacon of God’s light. Prayers for you and your family. A Hail Mary from me to you sir.

  4. Antifederalist says

    Just devastating. I can’t keep my eyes dry. I don’t know how Dean did the news conference. I would have had to have someone speak for me. The world has fundamentally changed…for the worse. We’ll miss you, Kerry. Wish we could have met you, Austin. Dean, to steal a line from Dances With Wolves, “Can you see I’ll always be your friend?”

  5. Strength beyond measure. My heart is aching for you Dean. God speed!

  6. Gerald Williams says

    State Treasurer Dean Martin’s press statement was one of the most genuine and sincere events that I have ever seen. It was both a remarkable statement of faith and an amazing realization of the impact that his own personal tragedy could have on other expectant mothers. His concern for others, the vast majority of which he will never even know, was uniquely noteworthy. He allowed us to see him at what has to be the worst time in his life and I hope everyone realizes what an amazing man we have as our State Treasurer.

    Judge Gerald Williams

  7. Geri Stubbs says

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss- I am sure your little son is in heaven with his mommy– waiting for you to be with both of them some day. My prayers are, God will be with you, and see you thru one of the hardest trial a man will ever have to face.

    I do have a queation please.
    Did Kerry’s condition have any bearing on Austons death– or did he die from something else? I haven’t heard any one on the news say what he died from.
    I am so sorry, I will be continually praying for your strength to go thru this.

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