More on J.D. Hayworth’s potential challenge to McCain


Some excerpts from the Yellow Sheet Report

On his radio show Monday afternoon, Hayworth told listeners that it’s “not exactly a secret” that he’s considering a bid against McCain. “You and I have talked about this before,” Hayworth told listeners. “I’m not trying to be coy or keep any secrets from you. …..He spent the next several minutes reading polls showing McCain’s support among Republicans weak… “In all sincerity, I have to tell you . . . a day doesn’t go by without me receiving from you, an email, a phone call, maybe we will encounter each other on the street, and you say some very nice things,” Hayworth said. Hayworth ended the segment, saying, “The problem for John McCain isn’t J.D. Hayworth, or Chris Simcox . . . The problem for John McCain is, well, John McCain.”


  1. Well, it would be nice for JD to make up his mind and either launch a campaign or put the rumors to bed once and for all.

  2. JD is a radio broadcaster not a politician. It goes against his nature and current profession to stop talkig about it. Don’t confuse that though, he is not running. He won’t jeopordize his current and only paycheck.

  3. I am of the mind set that he should stay where he is. He ran a terrible terrible campaign when he lost to Mitchell and I can only assume that would happen again. If he does run he better be on the ball, show up for debates, and work on his personality.

  4. Republican SOS says

    JD was an excellent Congressman AFTER being a TV personality and BEFORE being a radio broadcaster. For those of you who are politically ignorant, JD is following election laws and, being as savvy as he is, will probably not declare until after Jan 1.

    He actually did represent AZ instead of worrying about amnesty for illegals and a wishy washy bid for the presidency.

  5. The problem for J.D Hayworth isn’t John McCain….The problem for J.D. Hayworth is, well, J.D. Hayworth.

  6. Republican SOS since I am so ignorant- please tell me why he must wait until after Jan 1st. He hasn’t opened and exploratory committee or anything else. The fact is- he was a multi-term congressman who lost his reelection so his greatness must have been lacking somewhere. It had nothing to do with immigration either.

  7. JD could beat McCain, his 2006 campaign is not an accurate gauge of his electibility. There is a large number of conservatives in this state that are waiting to support any top tier candidate that gets into this race and JD is that guy.

  8. Eric,
    You are correct. J.D.’s 2006 campaign is not an accurate gauge of his electibility. However, the result of the 2006 election is the only guage of electiblity that is 100% accurate. Remember, he lost!

  9. You guys have it all wrong. We are talking about 2010, not 2006. The last two election cycles were very hard on Republicans because of fiscal irresposibility and scandals. 2010 will be very different as the volatile “Independents” swing back right of center. With the country on the verge of a political revolution, the pendulum will swing dramatically back toward conservatives in 2010. For a preview watch what happens in NJ and VA.

  10. But DSW we’re talking about a Republican primary against THE anti spending Senator.

    Listen to JD’s show and support him that way. That’s all JD’s really thinking about now.

  11. Nice of Jason to admit his ignorance. If he reads the next article and follows the link he can educate himself as the January issue Republican SOS mentioned.

    JD – my check is in the mail. It’s not much, but it’s what I can afford right now. We need you. I would hate to see the seat go to a democrat

    DSW – you nailed it!

  12. Mole I read it and can’t figure out the significanc of January 1st and announcing a run for the Senate. Call me ignorant but spell it out clearly if you’re such an itellect and can see something I missed that precludes Hayworth from announcing before then.

  13. Well, if Republicans want to see a majority, they’d better vote for people who’ll vote for low taxes, strong military, school choice, free markets, free speech, pro-democracy internationally. Otherwise, it’s the march to serfdom.

  14. Jason – I didn’t say you are ignorant, you did. That just means you don’t have all the facts. JD has not said he will run. If his debt is paid by January, he might review his options. That will give him time to put together a campaign.

    I can’t vote for a Democrat, but I don’t have to vote for McCain either. There are a lot of republican in the same boat. There are even more willing to vote Dem just to be rid of McCain. It sad we have come to this, but McCain is the most vindictive and divisive person in the State.

  15. It’s Hayworth in a landslide.

    That’s why all of the McCainiacs (all 12 of them) in this town are going so crazy, they know McCain will go down and they will finally lose what’s left of their minimal power.

    Oh how it must feel cathartic for them to post on this blog and pretend to be conservative.

    JD we all hope you will do it.

  16. A bloodier primary will have never been seen.

  17. I agree with Ann. This would be a mistake.

  18. For all the reasons pointed out above, Hayworth will not run.

  19. I speak from a world of experience running against the McCain machine. I also am aware that 70% of the County Chairmen and MCRC District Chairmen and Precinct Committeemen would love to have the opportunity to vote for JD. Their disdain for McCain almost matches his disdain for them.

    I sense that there is a pent-up avalanche of voter enthusiasm waiting to be unleashed should JD announce for the U.S. Senate against the nemesis of the grassroots.

    There has not been a more polarizing, divisionary, or destructive force in the Republican party than John McCain. And woe be to anyone who dares to speak this truth, for you will be called the polarizing force for daring to speak the obvious.

    Everything possible has been done to eliminate any voice in opposition to McCain’s legendary liberal policies that have so anger the conservative base of the Republican party. Just think of what a united conservative party we would have had without McCain doing his self-centered act for the last ten years.

    Please JD, the party could not survive six more years of McCain. And that is some actual straight talk.

  20. There has not been a more polarizing, divisionary, or destructive force in the MARICOPA COUNTY Republican party than ROB HANEY. And woe be to anyone who dares to speak this truth, for you will be called A polarizing force for daring to speak the obvious AND FOREVER LABELED A RINO OR OF THE “OPEN BORDERS” CROWD.

    Everything possible has been done to eliminate any voice in opposition to HANEY’s legendary DESTRUCTIVE WAYS that have so angered the MAJORITY of Republican VOTERS. Just think of what a united conservative party we would have had without HANEY doing his self-centered act for the last ten years.

  21. James Davidson says

    Foghorn Leghorn

  22. I can’t wait to have J.D. announce his intention to run. McCain needs to go.

  23. A GOP PC –

    You must in the 30% that love McCain.

    Keep up the good fight Rob!

  24. Rob, There has been “a more polarizing, divisionary, or destructive force in the Republican party than John McCain.” Look in the mirror.

  25. Thank you Rob Haney for opening the gate for Ronald Reagan’s silent majority to rush in. McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy, taxpayer subidized embryonic stem cell research, teaming with Napolitano to close our gun show liberites, on and on. McCain represents the left a lot more than he represents the Republican Platform.

    Rob Haney so well represents the majority of Maricopa County Republicans that we elected him our Chairman. The loudest point I’ve ever heard Haney make is this: Uphold the Republican Platform!

    Gee Rob, how divisive you are. Not.

    McCain considered running on the democrat ticket as vice president in 2004. Pull the wool off your eyes McCain minions.

    But, McCain is so powerful in the Senate? Who cares when he uses that power to speak for the left and against the right?

    Anybody BUT McCain in 2010!

  26. Run, J.D., run!!! McCain must go!!! JD is right to take his time to decide. It’s too soon to commit.

  27. The ebb and flow of political change is a cyclical thing. Ann Coulter wrote a column about this last year. Only Ann predicted that the democrats would take control of everything in the last election—based on historical trends, “it was the democrats year to win.” I agree. The democrats are and have always been far more fiscally irresponsible than republicans. I don’t think republicans lost because of fiscal irresponsibility. They lost because Bush and republicans were so vilified by the left, (a necessary power-shifting tool) the country was primed to vote for anybody but a republican, and that’s why a smooth-talking, liberal democrat was elected president and democrats took over the senate and the house. If republicans “take back” the country in 2010 and 2012, it will be because people are remembering we are a Republic, not a Democracy — our constitution provides that we are to be governed by the rule of law (Republic), not majority rule (Democracy).

  28. Barbara,

    Only ann coulter predicted the dems would win?? You must have lived under a rock to make statements like that. Basically everyone in the country said mccains chances were slim and no matter what the dems were holding on to both houses. This was now same great prophetic statement by coulter.

    As for jd, the guy is a blowhard. He has said to many outrageous things on the radio when he gets upset and worked up. They would just run a 30 second ad with a rant or 2 and he would be toast. He could never win a state wide race again.

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