More Media Bias Against GOP Gubernatorial Candidates

This really threw me. The East Valley Tribune runs a story likening Republican candidates running in stealth mode. Reporter Dennis Welch equates money as the real factor for their invisibility. Not a whole lot of money coming in means no excitement toward the candidates. While this is true if you’re talking about the party organization, it does take several hundred thousand dollars to barrage television with image ads, that doesn’t mean that the candidates are operating in stealth mode. Sometimes its a matter of knowing when to “pull the trigger.” 

Welch also failed to mention that Len Munsil, the leading contender was a clean elections candidate and had obtained the maximum funding in a record amount of time. In reality, Len Munsil is receiving quite a bit of media coverage as he tours the state meeting thousands of people and stirring the grassroots to vote for him. Perhaps the Phoenix media market is a little too myopic.

Just in case you missed it, here are a couple of headlines that have appeared across the state:

“Candidate Munsil touts experience in public policy” – Kingman Daily Miner, July 18th

“The Race is on” – Mohave Daily News – July 18th

“Election 2006: Len Munsil, Reagan conservative” – Verde Independent,  July 12th




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