More Incestuous Politics

The East Valley Tribune reports that Marty Hermanson, Chairman of the Pinal County Republican party, has joined Sheriff Paul Babeu in calling for the resignation of Pinal County Recorder, Laura Dean-Lytle.

Dean-Lytle is accused of breaching the trust of Pinal County citizens by hiring the boyfriend of her daughter. The boyfriend was recently released from prison and promoted to a position accessible to sensitive financial records.

The East Valley Tribune further reports:

A sheriff’s investigation found that Albert Robbs traded financial information he got from the recorder’s office for drugs. The account numbers from people who had sent checks to the recorder’s office were later used by other individuals to pass bogus checks, according to reports.

Dean-Lytle is a Democrat.


  1. What the…. How do people actually believe they can get away with this stuff? It is beyond idiocy!

  2. How come they didn’t call for the resignation of the daughter’s boyfriend?

  3. I’d comment further but I am a Pinal County voter (currently a registered Green) and I’m afraid my next absentee ballot would get lost in the mail.

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