More gimmicks with Governor Brewer’s photos?

We’ll let our readers decide, not some far left wing blogger who can’t stand her.
Both of the pictures below were supposedly taken within the past few days, yet they represent extreme differences in her appearance. We maintain that someone, perhaps at the news source that took the bad pictures, is “sharpening,” revising the color, and otherwise altering the pictures in order to make her look less attractive. It’s simple to do if you have a good graphics editing program.



  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Graphic tricks like this are as old as political drama. Still, if you have to stoop this low to attack someone’s image, they must be doing something right.

  2. Who really cares? I cannot believe this is even worth the time of a post. This just shows sonoran alliance is turning into a trashy gossip blog.

    Do we care if she has had plastic surgery once a week for a the past 10 years or if she never has had anything done??

  3. Unfortunately, Blog for Arizona, while a good blog, is not really very liberal. It’s moderate Democrat and obviously more mainstream than this blog, certainly.

    I don’t have an opinion of the photos since I don’t know what Gov. Brewer looks like, nor does her appearance interest me because it has no bearing on anything.

  4. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    The point is that if someone will manipulate her image and publish it, the will manipulate her words and everything else.

  5. Can’t Recall My Clever Pseudonym do you care if a liberal blog does this? Shouldn’t this be expected that they will twist her words. Liberal blogs are not convincing anyone, people that go there have their mind made up already/

  6. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    I don’t know of any liberal blogs, but could probably find one if I tried. Quoting, partially quoting, paraphrasing and characterizing are all part of what gets done with others’ words on this blog. But taking a photograph and doctoring it serves no purpose at all, other than for ridicule or parody.

    My favorite pic of Napolitano was when she had a shotgun at a skeet range and had her finger near the trigger but was facing the other way. No doctoring necessary.

  7. Anyone want a picture of Janet “WNBA” Napolitano????

  8. I saw Governor Brewer this morning @ a breakfast in Flagstaff. She looks like the top photo in person.

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