“Mitt Unplugged?” Or was it, “Mitt Takes the Gloves Off?”


There’s an interesting discussion taking place on the juxtapositioning of a video capturing Mitt Romney during a radio interview with Jan Mickelson at Iowa’s WHO radio.

During the interview, Romney was asked bout his position on abortion and the role of the Supreme Court. He was also asked about his Mormon faith and this is where things got heated.

Hugh Hewitt’s conservative compadre, Dean Barnett, has labeled it as “Mitt Taking the Gloves Off” while Jonathan Martin’s blog posted the video as “Mitt Unplugged?”

We leave this to you. Take some time to watch the video we’ve posted here and tell us what you think. Was Mitt on offense or defense?


  1. Mary Ashlin says

    Romey , in my opinion, was trying to emphasize the fact that he is running for President which should have nothing to do with his religioun. The Morman Church, nor any other church should be incorporated in inverviews with any person running for president. Only the views of each person running should be incorporataed in the interview. One has nothing to do with the other. There are many people who are active in their church but do not agree with all the principals of said church. So leave it be. I agree with Romeny

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