Mitchell of Az votes against President

The 233-196 voice roll call Thursday by which the House approved a $3.6 trillion budget plan that includes a deficit of $1.2 trillion.

Voting yes were 233 Democrats and 0 Republicans.

Voting no were 20 Democrats and 176 Republicans.

All Arizona Republicans voted “no” and, one state Democrat voted “no” … the guy who replaced JD Hayworth broke ranks and was one of only 20 Democrat members of the House to vote against the President’s budget.

And he’s been in office well under 100 days.   I don’t know what will be worst for Mitchell, voting against the President or the public recognition we give him back home.

This budget doesn’t include the Federal Stimulus passed a few short weeks ago.

Here’s my question to you:  With the amounts of money the Federal government doesn’t have being printed and spent (debt), what will inflation be in 12 to 18 months?


  1. The risks of deflation are much, much worse than any inflation possibilites. Housing prices in Phoenix have plunged by 48% since their peak in June 2006. Here in New York, apartments that once would have had prospective renters lined up around the block are now hard to rent because prices are plunging so far so fast. I’ve been in Florida recently, and home prices are so low there that I could buy a one-bedroom condo for $24,000 cash.

    Most of us who lived through the record U.S. deflation in the late 1970s and early 1980s until Paul Volcker at the Fed caused a terrible recession that shot interest rates up and resulted in a severe recession know that inflation, when rampant, can be devastating. But rising home prices are a boon, and so is inflating yourself out of debt.

    Inflation helps borrowers, and we have a lot of borrowers now. In 1980, when the inflation rate was about what the credit card interest rate was, I borrowed money on cash advances at essentially a zero interest rate. Those who owe lots of money on houses or other things will find that with inflation, they are essentially paying back debts with less money.

    Time will tell. But Americans should be more worried about deflation and inflation now, and the Obama administration and the world economic powers — most countries are worse off than the U.S. — know this.

    Think about it: When there’s deflation, you expect prices to decline, so you delay buying everything. The economy and commerce suffer. With inflation, you want to buy right away because you think prices are going to go up, so commerce picks up.

    Obviously, the risks of inflation are there, but I think policy makers have understood that and are willing to take the risk for now as we are facing a world economic crisis.

  2. The thing for Mitchell is this works great for him. Who else are the dems going to vote for come 2010? And he is not going to get a primary challenge.

    On top of this even though he voted against the budget he will still vote with Obama and Pelosi around 88% of the time. So in the end the Dems will vote for him and he ends up winning a lot of points among the Scottsdale Moms and moderate Republicans in his district who are really only fiscally conservative. When he votes against budgets and introduces bills to keep gain tax cuts permanent this is why he will keep getting re-elected.

  3. It’s planned, genius and a warning sign for Republicans who don’t want to work together. Those no votes are calculated. His first mailer is already designed saying “Voted Against Obama Budget”.

  4. Don’t kid yourselves. Mitchell didn’t vote “no” because of sound principal or because he wanted to break with House Democrats. He voted “no” because he knew the numbers were in the Dems favor and that his vote would be a determining vote. He can now use his “no” vote as a talking point in his re-election campaign. “Harry Mitchell voted against increasing taxes…” blah, blah, blah…

  5. While he votes against the budget, he will vote to fund it. Appropriations bills — he’s voted for all but two of them, and one of those he explained because it did not spend enough money.

    He’s a fraud, but it will take the right candidate to expose him.

  6. I dont know how worth it is to even waste your time on Mitchell. He is smart politically he knows what he is doing. If he gets re-elected in 2010 which he certainly will if Schweikert is running against him again all the district lines are going to be redrawn with the census.

    Arizona is going to pick up 1-2 seats with most models saying 2. If this happens you most likely are going to have CD-5 split up with the more liberal tempe and Ahwatukee and a little bit of Mesa and Scottsdale as its own district. So Mitchell is going to have the seat regardless in my opinion so there is not much point to wasting our time. Even if you beat him in 2010 he just then wins Tempe in 2012 if he wants it anyway…

    To me Giffords is the person to go after, she voted for the budget and has been quite liberal more so than how she campaigned.

  7. Here is one website’s view of hyperinflation:

  8. Hyperinflation is the inevitable result of overspending of this magnitude. This is an historical fact. At least Obama will make us all millionaires. And if you own a home now, it will be worth on paper, a whole lot more very soon.

    This plan must be stopped before it ruins the country. AZ must stay conservative!

  9. Too late.

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