Mitchell’s State of the District Address – AKA An Excuse for Doing Nothing

David Schweikert

For Immediate Release: February 2, 2010

Making one of his increasingly rare public appearances after his unpopular vote for the Obama-Pelosi nationalized healthcare plan opposed by so many in his own district, Congressman Harry Mitchell delivered his so-called “State of the District” address that ended up being nothing more than a list of excuses for the do-nothing Democratic Congress’ failure to accomplish anything to substantively improve the economy despite having total control of the federal government.

In his remarks, Mitchell claims that his party is “frustrated by the inability to get anything done,” while strangely ignoring that with total control of the federal government they only have themselves to blame.

“Harry Mitchell stated that this year is the year that elected leaders have to get their priorities straight,” said David Schweikert. “My question and I am sure the question that thousands of Arizonans have about Congressman Mitchell and his Democratic colleagues is simple – what were they spending the last year doing?

“We have an economy that is suffering greatly and thousands of Arizonans out of work,” Schweikert continued, “and yet Mitchell and the Democrats have done very little, if anything about it except waste billion of dollars and engage in a quixotic effort to pass a liberal agenda opposed by the majority of Americans.

“In his speech, Congressman Mitchell also went on to extol the importance and virtues of small businesses here in Arizona while glossing over the fact that he voted for a nationalized healthcare plan that will, if it becomes law, devastate many of those same small businesses with crushing mandates and higher taxes.

“I share Congressman Mitchell’s stated desire to improve the economy and bring more jobs to Arizona, but at some point there he needs to get past the rhetoric and begin to show results. Results, that unfortunately for the citizens of Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, are few and far between for Congressman Mitchell.”


  1. Ugh… this is the best we got in CD-5… kind of sad.
    There is nothing in this that excites me about David. If David is going to win this he needs more than hope that people vote for him to spite Mitchell. He already lost to Mitchell by 10 points trying this strategy.

    Try something new David, like coming out with some proposals. You just say no to healthcare reform, but dont even have an alternative policy on your website.
    No plan to reduce costs and premiums, no discussion of buying healthcare across state lines, NOTHING.

    I cant believe this is the guy who is the front runner to get the nomination.

    Get ready for 2 more years of Mitchell.

  2. Schweikert Again says

    Schweikert was blown out by Mitchell two years ago. This year calls for a new kind of Republican candidate. Personally, I’m more intrigued by the two businessmen, Eric Wnuck and Jim Ward. Schweikert is running for the sake of running. From what I’ve seen from the other 2 guys, they are doing it for the right reasons. I will vote for Schweikert if he gets the nom, but there is no way he’s beating Mitchell.

  3. Steve Calabrese says

    Johnny, what’s the deal? You constantly bad mouth Schweikert every chance you get, and yet you admit he’s the front-runner.

    Your other posts seem to indicate you’re a Republican. You make lots of comments about him losing the last election, blithely ignoring the fact that the DNC dumped an extra cool million into the race to ensure Mitchell’s election. Plus, Mitchell coasted to the general, while David had to fight a very tough primary fight against some rather leftist Republicans.

    You obviously don’t like Mitchell. And yet, you trash David every chance you get, on such nebulous grounds like “he doesn’t excite me”. I don’t know of any other Republican candidate in CD 5 who has any real credibility – except for Schweikert, all of them have so much baggage that Mitchell will slaughter them in a general.

    The only leading candidate who could possibly take Mitchell is JD Hayworth, and he’s not in this race, and he’s not going to be.

    May I respectfully suggest that you follow Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans?” Last time around, David had to deal with Mitchell after being crippled by a bitter primary fight. The Democrats are united behind Mitchell, and even though you seem to dislike the guy, can you really tell me that you’d rather have two more years of Mitchell instead of putting Schweikert in there?

  4. More Conservative than the GOP says

    Schweikert Again – hey bud, Schweikert’s business is bigger than both Wnuck’s and Carpetbagger Ward’s businesses combined!

    I said earlier, let’s give a big “Happy Anniversary” to Jim Ward, who celebrates the one year mark of actually being a registered voter in Arizona on February 23rd! I have issues with some GOPers, but ask around, they’ll tell you, Ward moved into CD5 from California because he thought he could buy himself a congressional seat. Ward’s a JALT, Just Another Leftist Tool.

    I’d ask which “businessman” you’re refering to, the one who can’t manage his finances or the carpetbagger, but I can’t tell the difference between ’em.

  5. Steve Calabrese

    One of the main reasons I bad mouth Schweikert so much is because I know his campaign staff read this blog. Maybe just maybe they will listen to some of the stuff people say. Honestly how can he not have a health-care proposal up on his website? With all that is going on in the country, this has been a national debate for months and Schweikert has been running for 2010 since he lost the election in 08 yet no healthcare proposal! Maybe his campaign reads this and gets on this.

    He is the front runner and I think will coast to the nomination this time so to me this criticism will make him a better candidate. He needs to be criticized by somebody. If you have people constantly patting you on the back and never criticizing you, you start to become a little full of yourself. The last thing I want David to be is complacent.

    Also as it is Jim Ward is gaining ground on him and has the potential to become another Susan GUTTER-smith and cripple him going into the election.

    So thats why I criticize, Schweikert needs it.

    Also you mentioned he won because the DNC dumped over a million in last time. Do you think that won’t happen again? The DCCC has 6 times the money that the NRCC has currently, so you know Mitchell will get help, not so sure about David…

  6. Steve Calabrese says

    Yeah, but a lot of Dems are in trouble this year so even though they have a bigger pot, they have to spread it around more.

    Here’s an interesting quote:

    Mitchell campaign spokesman Adam Bozzi was aware of the ad but declined to comment on it. Mitchell “will wait and see who emerges from what is expected to be a long, negative, and crowded Republican primary late next year,” Bozzi said.

    This is Mitchell’s campaign responding to some qustion. They definitely want to encourage a bitter Republican party. Divide and Conquer.

    I do appreciate your honest answer to my question.


  7. Judging from the posts I’ve been seeing people either hate this guy or think he’s just ok. I was at one of Schwiekerts events and came off a little creepy to me, but I guess that’s just a first impression. I think the key facts are that Schweikert lost by a huge margin to Mitchell last time around and he’s just not that charismatic. Eric Wnuck another candidate in CD-5 is much more relatable and according to the FEC he’s raising more money. We need someone who can actually beet Mitchell.

  8. Schweikert Swipes says

    How about Schweikert’s nasty attack on Jim Ward today? At least Jim Ward has been in the private sector and knows something about creating jobs (I’m sure Erick Wnuck and Chris Salvino do too). But Schweikert is something else if he thinks that he can win by accusing his fellow Republicans of being “unqualified” and “liars”

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