Minority Special Interest Group Needs Support

We need to show more sympathy for these people.
  * They walk many miles in the blistering, deadly summer heat.
  * They risk and many lose their lives crossing a border.
  * They are grossly underpaid by an employer who wouldn’t think of doing the same work.
  * They do jobs that others won’t do or are afraid to do.
  * They live in crowded conditions among a people who speak a different language.
  * They are separated from their families for months and years, and face adversity all day every day.

I’m not talking about illegal aliens;

I’m talking about our troops! 

(In addition to their service to all of us, they do not have a habit of shooting our local law enforcement officers in cold blood.)

Doesn’t it seem strange that our Congress seems willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegals, but don’t support our troops or their families adequately and are now threatening to defund them while they are serving in a war zone? 

It is a time for our government to pass a DREAM Act for our volunteer soldiers and their families.  They’ve earned it!

I received this from my daughter-in-law tonight.  Her husband (my son) is serving as a bomb disposal tech ‘across the pond’. 


  1. Thanks for posting this Party Platform Guy and thanks for reminding us of the sacrifice our troops and their families are making. May God bless and protect your son. My son may be joining him within the year.

  2. Gerry Mander says

    Absolutely. Amen to the men and women in harm’s way.

    And now for the part that will get me flamed, I’m sure. What were you referring to in this passage?
    “…lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegals…”

  3. Party Platform Guy says

    Well, as stated, except for the itallicized part, this was just a pass through.

    However, I can tell you that there is currently legislation in Congress that will allow illegal aliens to get educational benefits not available to legal citizens. Part of the DREAM Act specifically mandates that educational institutions give in-state tuition to illegal aliens while legal citizens from other states are not eligible for those same benefits.

    Hispanic illegal alien children also get additional taxpayer paid educational funding mandated by the federal government and the pirates in black robes even though black and native american citizens have lower reading scores.

    Also, we have Sanctuary City policies – Phoenix, Mesa, etc. – that prevents local police officers from even determining if the person is here legally and they are released to eliminate potential criticism from LaRaza, Bermudez, etc. while citizens are cited and held in the same circumstances.

  4. Party Platform Guy,

    “Hispanic illegal alien children also get additional taxpayer paid educational funding mandated by the federal government and the pirates in black robes even though black and native american citizens have lower reading scores.”

    What additional dollars are those?

  5. I totally and fundamentally disagree with this post. More so than all others. I agreed with it in total as I read the first part. We should absolutely be supporting the troops, funding them, giving their families social support, raising the pay of soldiers, and giving them reasonable amount of leave from battle. We should also honor their contracts with America. When they agree to serve for 2 or 4 or 6 years. That is it. They are veterans and they should be able to come home immediately. When they are shot or wounded and come home, they should be given the finest medical care and the highest level of benefits they deserve for fighting for us.

    In all cases above, every one, the GOP showed itself to be only supportive of the troops and their families in rhetoric only. They say support the troops a whole lot, but have done nothing to help their morale, but to send them on tour after tour after tour into harms way, without the necessary equipment and without much thanks at all to the families.

    For every item I listed above, this administration earns an F. I mean one example alone is how the VA was ordered to give Veterans the minimal amount of benefits in comparison to what soldiers who came home from the Gulf War 1 got. I don’t have to remind you of the state of our VA hospitals and healthcare (which is just welfare to GOPers). I also don’t have to remind you all of how soldiers who have served out their terms to America are left in the field of battle for months afterward and who those who have served us, even years ago, are called for duty when on some legal technicality known as “inactive” status.

    I agree…they deserve so so much more. My brother is one of them. You can’t pin any of this on Democrats.

  6. Party Platform Guy says


    Ever heard of ELL funding? Ever heard of Tim Hogan? Start your search there.

    Ever heard of the Flores federal suit? Did you know that the school district (Nogales) where the original lawsuit was filed has met the standards for years now, but the lawsuit is still in place and is used by other school districts to acquire more tax dollars?

    THese funds are targeted ONLY to Hispanic students even though the english reading scores for blacks and native americans are lower than hispanic students – AND those funds are taken from money that could be spent on improving the skills of ALL students.

    It is provable that the students that cause the low scores are predominantly illegal aliens who are very transient and in violation of our sovereignty in the first place and our tax dollars are taken from educating our children and spent on those who should not even be here.


    Yeah, all of the problems in the military and veterans systems began in 2000. And the problems with the Vietnam era was Republican too. And the lack of quality care after WWI was Republican too. And, of course, the problems at Valley Forge was all Republican too. Their decendents should file against the Republican Party for all the frostbite health problems.

    I can pin a lot on the Democrats, but you’re so “slick”, just like your former President, it just won’t stick.

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